Haida and Parks Canada partner against invasive species

How are the Haida Nation and Parks Canada tacking invasive species? Together as seen in my story, A Fine Balance, for Earth Island Journal’s winter issue.

Invasive deer threaten cedar trees used by Haida carvers

Invasive species are one of our biggest ecological challenges but they also have have cultural implications. Black-tailed sitka deer have no predators in Haida Gwaii; their numbers have increased dramatically and they eat the understory. Young cedar trees, important to the Haida for cultural uses, never get the chance to grow larger because deer graze them.

Only 12 visitors at a time can land at Gwaii Haanas watchman sites

Learn how Parks Canada and the Haida Nation are partnering to use science and indigenous knowledge to eradicate invasive rats and deer in Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve, and Haida Heritage Site by reading about the three part plan to eradicate rats and deer and restore salmon habitat here.

Originally published at Carol Patterson.