Northern sustainability at Yukon Brewing

Toasting the midnight sun in Whitehorse is a summer tradition but there’s another reason to raise a glass at one of the Yukon’s sustainability pioneers.

At Yukon Brewing the company buys back every standard sized bottle from Whitehorse bottle recyclers. It seems odd to see stacks of boxes with Kokanee, Budweiser, and Molson labels in their brewery but with 70% market share they need a lot of bottles. Each bottle is washed and examined and it’s still in good condition it goes into the bottling process.

Yukon Brewing also picks up all the cardboard flats used to ship their beer cans to liquor stores and reuses those that aren’t soiled or ripped. This emphasis on reusing is admirable as too often consumers and businesses are putting items in recycle bins that have no end market and ultimately end up in landfills.

In addition to reusing, the company is thinking about wildlife when it packages its product. Beer cans are connected using plastic caps with no loops unlike traditional beer rings which can ensnare birds or sea turtles if carelessly discarded.

And it seems this commitment to doing the right thing extends to other community initiatives.

“We sponsor every single event in town,” said Jasmine Sangria, Director of Marketing and Sales on the heart behind their company and its concern for the planet. Visitors can learn more about this green brewery on daily tours.


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Originally published at Carol Patterson.