Port Renfrew — Tall Tree Capital of Canada

Few things are worth more dead than alive — perhaps that tick crawling up your leg, or an E.coli bacteria that ruins an entire lettuce crop — but Port Renfrew, British Columbia, discovered living trees were worth more than logged ones with the help of big tree hunters TJ Watts and Ken Wu. Founders of Ancient Rainforest Alliance, Watts and Wu make it their business to find remaining pockets of ancient forest and help turn them into tourism attractions.

“It’s easy to spot them when you know what you are looking for,” explains TJ Watts on how one ‘hunts’ an ancient rainforest. Read more

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Wanted: Dead or Alive?

Like Cathedral Grove only quieter

When Port Renfrew’s Avatar Grove was discovered, some people saw it’s potential to be the region’s Cathedral Grove.

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Port Renfrew has gone from tree felling to tree watching

Travel Tips

Try Soule Creek Lodge if you like seclusion and eye-popping views. Owners/chefs Jim and Tom Cash turn out mouth-watering delicacies each evening. Book ahead at soulecreeklodge.com

Stay at Handsome Dan’s cottages if you want to feel sea breezes and walk around town. handsomedans.ca

Visit Botanical Beach aquarium-like tidal pools at low tide but be careful where you walk so as not to damage barnacles and other sea creatures.

Stop for lunch or dinner at The Renfrew Pub. The food and Wi-Fi is a great pick-me-upper.

Maps to Avatar Grove and other giant trees can be found at ancientforestalliance.org

Music lovers will enjoy the Tall Tree Music Festival mid-summer. For dates and details go to talltreemusicfestival.com

Combine a trip to Port Renfrew with a drive around the Pacific Marine Circle Route. Start in Victoria and stop in Port Renfrew enroute to Lake Cowichan and Duncan before returning to Victoria or do it in reverse.

If you make it to Port Renfrew please let me know how you like it.

Originally published at Carol Patterson.