What does your mother know about bison?

Carol Patterson
Feb 14, 2017 · 2 min read

Nothing, if your family is like mine. But in the open grasslands of southwestern Saskatchewan, Don Gillespie’s mother Norah mastered low-stress animal handling techniques. She never worked bison, her ranch had cows and horses but the skill she developed helps today with bison conservation.

Don Gillespie took lessons he learned from Norah into his work with bison at Grasslands National Park.

Bison roam free in Grasslands National Park

How do you get bison to walk 9 miles with nothing but your mother’s wisdom?Click To Tweet Find out in my recent story in Earth Island Journal This Land Was Built for Bison

I didn’t get the chance to see Don Gillespie work with bison but seeing the care used to design the bison handling facility, it was obvious he knows the big animals well.

Don Gillespie explains how facility design reduces bison stress

If you would like to see the bison at Grasslands National Park, book your stay in advance as campsites book up quickly and there are few hotels. A visit here is worth the effort. The prairies are an understated environment if you are used to mountain vistas or ocean swells, but it has a beauty that charms if you slow down to listen.Check out details here.

What did you learn from your mother? I’d love to hear.

Originally published at Carol Patterson.

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