Have you ever wondered if you can build cross-platform desktop apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript?

It is possible with Electron.

This article will help you understand some core concepts of Electron.

By the end of this post, you’ll know the process of creating cross-platform desktop apps with Electron, HTML, and CSS.

Before we get started you can check out in advance the app we’re going to build in this tutorial.

Hear Me Type will have a simple but straightforward functionality. Every key pressed on the keyboard will play a specific sound. …

Have you ever wondered if you can build cross platform desktop apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

It is possible with Electron.

This article is a step-by-step guide that will help you understand some core concepts of Electron.

By the end of this post, you’ll know the process of creating cross platform desktop apps with Electron, HTML and CSS.

Before we get started you can check out in advance the app we’re going to build in this tutorial.

Hear Me Type, as I named it, will have a simple but straightforward functionality: for every keyboard key pressed play a specific…

The world needs increasingly more programmers with each passing day. If you decided that you want to change your career or you just simply want to learn new programming languages to widen your skillset and you don’t know what are the most popular programming languages and what are they used for, look no further. I got you covered.

In the following paragraphs I’ll save you precious time and leave aside the more obscure languages, as well as some that aren’t really programming languages per se.

Additionally, for each language there will be an assigned piece of code just so you…

It’s been decades since we’ve been using cards made with keypunch machines in order to program computers.

Hopefully, we’ve come a long way since then and now we have text editors with which we can write software.

If you don’t know what text editor to use on a daily basis, or you’re just looking to find that perfect one to suit your needs, please read along.

1. Vim

Vim is a powerful, portable, keyboard based text editor. Being text-based, it is extremely fast, with an incredible set of features developed over its multi decade existence.

Vim exists on almost all Unix-like platforms…

If you have a website that’s based on a content management system like WordPress or Magento, the first thing you need to have is a theme or a template, which is basically the same thing.

You must choose a theme because that determines how your website looks and how the visitors will perceive you, your brand or your product.

And you surely want a good looking theme in order to effectively market your product.

When someone is searching for a theme they usually end up with 3 choices:

  • Buy a premium theme
  • Download a free theme which is commonly featured…

Protecting data must not be optional if you have a website, especially if you are processing sensitive customer information through some forms.

For e-commerce sites, you absolutely need encryption to protect your shoppers’ credit cards so they won’t be stolen by cybercriminals.

How do you encrypt such sensitive information?

One important method is having a SSL certificate.

A Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is a protocol of small data files which is used to encrypt information sent across the Internet.

Any computer in between you and the server can see your credit card numbers, usernames, passwords and other sensitive information…

Hold on to your hats, computer geeks because the following tips and tricks are so useful you’ll might want to keep them for yourself because they will make your life easier if you’re working with a computer for hours straight.

Hop on the Geek O Mobile and let’s get started!

1. Stop using CTRL+ALT+DEL

Don’t use CTRL+ALT+DEL anymore to open the Task Manager.

Use CTRL+SHIFT+ESC instead — it goes directly to Task Manager.

2. Restore the Tab you accidentally closed

Don’t panic, there is a way to get back the browser tab you accidentally closed.

Just press CTRL + SHIFT + T for Windows or COMMAND + SHIFT + T for…

Is listening to music while coding a good or bad habit? What kind of effects does music have on us while programming and working in general?

Our work is being done at and with computers and music has become inseparable from our day-to-day assignments.

We tend to hit the play button of our favorite tunes and start doing our tasks right away.

Listening to your favorite tracks can make you feel good and relaxed.

Those responsible for this are the two neurotransmitters called dopamine and serotonin.

Dopamine gives you a feeling of pleasure, while serotonin makes it easier to focus.

If listening to music has such perks, why are there people who prefer working in completely silence and hate it every time they hear the string of a guitar?

The lack of motivation is a mundane and troublesome issue which affects almost everyone.

Sometimes you feel like life is pointless or get depressed pretty often and you just feel like you’re not going anywhere.

This general sense of disparity happens to people from time to time and it is very common in a world that moves very fast.

The human nature is a complex of distinct characteristics and we, as humans, tend to fall into despair and hopelessness when we feel like we aren’t making any progress.

If you really want to motivate or inspire someone, make them feel…

Testing and software development go hand in hand. There cannot be one without the other.

But do future junior software developers, in particular, really need to know testing before writing code?

Quality Assurance is important in general. And it is important for software developers to know something about it but they don’t need to have an in-depth study.

When you’re trying to learn software development you need to learn a little bit about everything.

Of course, you cannot be a master in everything. But you need to have knowledge about the various IT branches (methodologies, databases, operations, terminologies, etc).


Carol-Theodor Pelu

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