5 Proven Methods that Keep Hackers away from your eCommerce Website

Keeping an eCommerce site secure is a full-time job. There are a lot of hackers out there and digital crimes — including data, credit card, and identity theft — are on the rise. By ensuring your website has airtight security, you can win customer confidence and make them feel safe when they buy from you, which is an excellent way to improve revenue generation.

Here are some proven methods that can keep hackers away from your eCommerce website:

Make sure your host has top grade security

Your site may be secure, but what about the servers it is being hosted on? Make sure your host has top-grade security. Ensure they have a backup policy, RAID data protection, and other technology that guarantees the safety of your data.

Educate users on the need to protect data

If you are running your site with the help of other administrators, ensure that they understand data safety. Encourage them never to write down their passwords, never to share their login info, and to change passwords once in a while. Make sure your customers know this too.

Update to the SSL/TLS protocol

The Secure Socket Layer/ Transport Layer Security protocol encrypts all communication happening on your site. Even if hackers manage to tap into it, they won’t be able to decrypt the information being shared. SSL is the latest industry standard, and it is the most secure you can get.

Delete customer data you don’t need

Never keep customer data for longer than you need to. Don’t store credit card information and other payment details, and never store payment identification information. If you absolutely have to, make sure the information is heavily encrypted.

Run checks and keep your site up-to-date

Finally, a number one reason why some websites get hacked is that the owners fail to update. If you are using an eCommerce platform like Magento or WooCommerce with WordPress, it’s highly recommended that you update often and run checks to see if your site remains safe.

If you aren’t tech-savvy, it’s always better to let a professional eCommerce development team secure your website for you. You can hire dedicated developers on a short-term basis for cheap.