Top SEO benefits of incorporating Responsive Web Design on your Website

It’s the 21st century, an age where mobile web browsing has overtaken desktop devices. Stating that we live in a mobile-driven era would be an understatement, considering how users are hooked to these handheld wonders of technology. And the trend won’t change anytime soon. Mobile is here to say and businesses who fail to realize that fall hard and fast.

Responsive web design, once the cusp of innovation, is no longer an option but rather a standard part of web design & development. In addition, it could hold the key to building a SEO-friendly website. How? Let’s find out:

1. Boosts page speed

Page speed is a vital ranking factor, as both Google and visitors favor sites that load fast compared to those that don’t. Websites that are mobile responsive generally load faster. This doesn’t just contribute towards improving the user experience but also proves useful in making your site SEO optimized.

2. Cuts down the bounce rate

If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, users are less likely to spend more time your site. As a result, your bounce rates are bound to shoot up. Google interprets high bounce rates as a signal that your site lacks what it takes to make the visitor stay. RWD provides a clean interface for users to browse on, which will, in turn, reduce bounce rates.

3. A good usability score

When there are elements that don’t work on mobile or the website is hard to navigate, users will quit your site. Good usability scores can boost conversion rates, and this can stem from incorporating responsive web design as it creates a positive user experience for users.

4. No issues with duplicate content

Despite the sophistication of Google’s algorithm, you need to indicate what’s important for it read the cues. Separate mobile version and desktop version of a site might be flagged as duplicate content. However, with RWD you don’t have to worry about that since the same website version gets rendered across multiple devices.

5. Link building goes to one URL

An extension of the benefit stated above, since you only utilize one URL for your website, all your link building efforts go solely towards it instead of being split into two. In addition, traffic generated through referrals is not driven away since your site is SEO optimized.

Despite the use of responsive web design on your website, if you’re still unable to get your site to rank well in the SERPs, get search engine optimization services in New York.