Janna Ronert and Dr. Marc Ronert: Meet Skincare Innovators

Carol Ruth Weber
Jan 20, 2017 · 5 min read

Entering the world of Image Skincare is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Crafted from the love of Image Skincare’s founder CEO Janna Ronert and perfected by her husband, the company’s President and Medical Director, Dr. Marc Ronert, the Image line of products truly give love back to one’s skin. Image skincare shines above any others I have tried, coming to the rescue with products worthy of adoration.

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Advanced Skincare Formulations

Setting themselves apart from other skincare companies is having the accomplished Dr. Marc Ronert as Director. With his training and abilities as a medical doctor in the community of plastic surgery, Image Skincare is lovingly and literally placed in the surgeon’s hands to come up with formulas that are the best and highest quality for skin in the industry.

Speaking with Skincare Innovators

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As her bio testifies on the Image website, “Janna’s founding philosophies of simplicity, value, and results are still the paramount philosophies of Image Skincare today.” It is truly evident that Janna refuses to sway from her original ideals. The beautiful Janna has kept true to her mission to spread skincare help.

Carol Ruth Weber: Janna your bio mentions beginning this adventure out of a small apartment; did you ever dream that you would come this far?

Janna Ronert: Yes! I have always had the vision to be the number one professional skincare company in the world. This vision is a consistent message in all of the Image meetings. Marc and I have had, and continue to have many sleepless nights putting our hearts into the company.

CRW: Janna what made you want to start your own skincare business?

JR: Rosacea. I was having my own battle with solving this skin condition problem that I was experiencing. I began my career working as a rep and distributer for other companies and I had a vision of how it could get better.

CRW: Dr. Marc what do you believe are the most important factors for one to keep their skin looking its best and staving off from aging?

Marc A. Ronert, MD: Sunscreen. Using sunscreen on babies from age zero and up will greatly reduce and can even eliminate most skin damage. Everyone should use sunscreen but using the sunscreen on children from birth to eighteen is most important for guarding against future damage.

Every age group needs their own regimen. I suggest that Botox can be good for those over 18 years because it can prevent and correct wrinkles. Just as people should have a healthy diet when it comes to food, it is also necessary to have a healthy skin diet. Each line of Image Skincare has the concept “CPN” with ingredients for Correction, Prevention and Nutrition. Image works to nourish and correct. It is important for one to reduce inflammation to correct damage and prevent further damage.

CRW: At this point in your career Janna why do you still feel it is important to continue personally educating others about skincare?

JR: It’s my personal vision and passion. We pay forward our passion for healthy skin with the Care for Skin Foundation, an organization that provides skin for children in need of reconstructive work.

CRW: Dr. Marc what are you most passionate about in your efforts as a surgeon?

MAR, MD: Reconstructive work such as skin cancer, breast reconstruction and skin transplants. Giving people a normal appearance is most rewarding.

Perfecting Skincare Products

Marketing safe and friendly products is an important component for Image. Image Skincare is never tested using animals and is free of parabens, artificial color and fragrance. Packaging materials are kept to a minimum to be Earth friendly for easy recycling.

The amazing Image customer service is exceptional with estheticians working collectively to help run the company, including in marketing and answering phones at the call center. The Ronerts’ work together as loving parents nurturing their employees as well as the family of Image products. As the Image Skincare product line and company grows the Ronerts have made sure to keep their attention to detail, providing the very best in products and treatments.

Image Skincare can be found at approved salons, spas and medical offices trained to use and sell the products.

“No skin left behind” is Image’s mission statement. After meeting the parents of Image one can see that the statement is more of a cheer of determination. This skincare company and its founders have the single goal of helping all around the world achieve beautiful skin.

From my very first experience receiving an Image Facial in 2011 I knew the products were special and better than anything that ever touched my sensitive skin. I have been hooked ever since and am now so happy to have the ability to say that Image products, treatments and people are now all my skin’s best friends.

Take your dip into an Image makeover. Never be afraid to dance.

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