Doing too much?

If I’m doing too much, then why am I writing this instead of getting my work done? Lateral procrastination? Purging thoughts that are in the way? There’s a small doorway (my time) and all my client work is pushing to enter that door at the same time. So what do I do? Write this instead.

It’s like this in the mornings, when I first get started. My to do lists are overcome by the earlier demands of the day, then I return to the most urgent or most interesting and poof! the day disappears. Time to walk the dog, have dinner.

Books for others. Right now my list is: one ready to proof, one ready to lay out, one that needs serious rewrites and editing, one waiting for the second edit process, one that just needs a good solid read with comments. Oh, and another that I haven’t started on yet.

Websites. One shopify site that is simple yet somehow massively demanding. One site half completed waiting for my full attention. Three more in the wings ready to come onstage when called.

Can I do it? Of course I can. Time is my friend. That doorway isn’t an impediment, it’s there to help me let in each task one at a time.

Oh and my own book? it has to wait. I’ve already decided to close the door on all new client work until September. Summer will be my own.

Until then, I’ll buckle down, or knuckle down, or whatever that phrase is — sounds vaguely military and all about rolling up the sleeves. And respond to the messages that have come in while I’ve been writing this!

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