The Colour Palette

Colour is hard and jeez can it go so terribly wrong sometimes. I think the hardest thing is balancing the right undertones so there are no clashes. The colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel and stepping to just to the right and left compliment each other so, I need to keep my colour palette balanced based on this principle. As the roof is a red glazed terracotta, in my mind I have to keep my colour choices warm and complementing each other.

For outside, first I looked at the elements of the house that are out of my control. The roof and the paving around the house. I want to bring the warmth from the roof and driveway into the facade to tie both areas back in with the rest of the house, keeping the balance. Remember the primrose windows? Well they come into play too. I do not want them popping any more yellow than they already do so I have to be very careful. Obviously, I have to keep the warm undertones so I decided on Dulux Hog Bristle, full strength for the external walls. It is beautiful, warm and throws a little bit of a beige/yellow undertone and little bit of grey. It goes with the primrose window frames.

So now, I have to consider the colour for the entire lower section of the facade and fence, balustrades, external wall lamps and garden lamp posts as well as the gutters and facade hoods. I will keep them all the same colour. I am thinking Colorbond Loft (right above). It is a warm, deep grey and throws a red or almost purple undertone in the sunlight, possibly a little chocolatey (is that even a word) looking but it looks grey in the shade. It is quite dark but the house is monumental, it can take it. The other colours I am considering are Dulux Domino(left above) and Dulux Wayward Grey. Definitely cooler than Loft. Would they go with the red roof though? I don’t know.

I did a swatch in the colour Loft and put a roof tile up against it to see. Thoughts? I over exposed the picture to the right so the red undertone comes out. This is more what it looks like in the sunlight and the picture to the left is what it looks like in the shade. The top part of the wall is painted Hog Bristle and as you can see int he left picture, if you compare it with the unpainted right side of the wall the yellow is gone and the primrose window frame is blended very nicely with the wall colour.

For the inside, I want to take the outside in to keep the flow and continuity. So Hog Bristle quarter strength (right pic) or even eighth strength on the walls and probably Natural White or Antique White USA (left pic) on the door and window surrounds as well as the skirting boards. Again, the warm whites won’t make my primrose windows stand out. I like the crispness of vivid white ceilings so I will not wrap the wall colour around those.

I am going to do some painting on the gutters so I can stand back from the house and see how the different greys look against the red tiles. I will have some pictures in my next post.

I don’t care what anyone says, colour is hard.

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