The Plans

First things first.

So now that we know what the plan is where do we start?

Here I sit before this monster house that is a little confused in terms of what style it wanted to be when it grew up but I can see a little bit of French in the facade and the interior so that is what I am going drag out of it.

It made sense to keep the house but a lot about the house makes no sense at all like the formal living areas. Who uses formal living areas anymore? I know that in my last 6 houses I didn’t use them at all. Not once in fact!! Complete and utter waste of space if you ask me. Look at this majestic room.

I love the Chesterfields that the former owners left us by the way but the red leather nope nope nope. I’m going to have to get them recovered. But lets save that for another post.

So we have this amazingly huge room that takes up about a quarter of the top floor but it’s completely useless. And why oh why did they lay that beautiful 7 finger square on square brush box mosaic parquetry ‘around’ the room and then lay carpet in the middle? Somebody kill me now. I LOVE that floor but I HATE carpet. Oh and those curtains…. they are going and the verticals (not that you can really see them in this picture) and those lights. I don’t think I left anything out.

And when I have stripped it…. This will be the new master bedroom/ensuite/retreat.

Adjacent to the formal living area is a billiard room and seperate study. The cabinets in here are just lovely. All of the woodwork in the house is oak. All the internal doors, door surrounds, window architraves, skirtings and built in cabinets and shelves. Who does that anymore? I love it. Wood is so warm. It can easily be overbearing though when overused as it has been throughout this house. I need to find a happy balance to keep the integrity of the style of the home but also bring it out of the 70s and 80s.

This will be the new combined walk in robe to the master bedroom and also our private study.

The dining room also adjacent to the formal living area is light airy with the same beautiful, floors, inset ceilings and details.

The gold chandeliers are a bit over the top but I can definitely do something with them.

Just up those stairs and to the left in the dining area will be the new kitchen and pantry.

The kitchen. Wood again…. I’m not a fan. It’s too small for my needs and really pokey. The cooking station is very basic so I feel that the whole room is in the wrong spot. I’m not fond of the style or colour and the shiny black granite just gives the whole kitchen a very dated look and feel.

It sits next to a library room for which we have no use. Both areas combined would make a fabulous living area for the whole family and it connects with an outdoor balcony that will eventually be big enough for entertaining. Same beautiful floor in the library and a second staircase to the bottom floor which we will close.

The main entry has a very grand staircase. One is enough even for this house. Yes…. you guessed it…. wood.

Down the hallway are another 4 bedrooms — one with an ensuite, another bathroom and seperate toilet. So when I walk this new floor plan in my head it makes so much sense and the top floor will be much more usable and suitable for our needs. This means that half the bottom floor is a bonus. A fully self contained granny flat with a full size kitchen, 2 bedrooms one with an ensuite, extra bathroom, laundry, huge living area and seperate entry. Perfect for my mum and dad when it’s renovated.

The other half of the bottom floor composes of the main entry, 4 garages and massive workshop type room that my son Gabe has claimed as his domain (I don’t think this kid is ever moving out of home) It has its own kitchenette and full size bathroom. No picture… he is 20…. and a boy…. need I say more.

So here it is. The new floor plan. We have a starting point.

So now we have a floor plan…. the fun bit begins.

Check back soon. I’m looking at details and colour swatching.