The Windows, Doors & Surrounds

Whoever thought that Primrose was a great colour for window frames? It is a very pretty flower but the colour is oh so wrong for windows. Como House has 58 double hung windows, 10 casement windows and 10 sets of french doors in… yes you guessed it…. Primrose coloured frames.

Changing the windows out is not an option so I have to work with the colour. I can do this!!

So the internal doors, door surrounds, window architraves and skirtings are all beautifully crafted in oak. So are all of the built in cabinets. I love the wood but it is all a little overbearing. It’s everywhere. It’s really yellow and incidentally, so is the external colour of house. Here is another photo of the outside in case you forgot or missed the photos on my last post.

I want to preserve the workmanship and beautiful look and warmth of the oak and not just go over everything in white. I can’t do that anyway because if I just did the windows will really pop yellow, won’t they? I can’t have that. I mean for my sanity… I have nothing against yellow but I don’t want to see it everywhere around me at home. I have a really pretty cardi in yellow… well really it’s lemon coloured. But seriously, there is way too much wood in this house for my personal liking.

So how do I find a happy medium? Well that is the question.

Going back to painting the architraves. Is that even conceivable? Is is wrong to cover all that amazing oak? What do I cover and what do I leave?

I really love the look and luxurious feel of door mouldings so I am also looking a popping mouldings on top of all the doors and windows as well as raising the skirting boards. Do I do this in oak and stain it to match the rest of the surround or do I do it in pine and paint the whole surround in a natural white or an eighth strength of the wall colour leaving the doors in the oak but with a light coat of chocolate walnut or black japan over the top to get rid of the yep you guessed it… yellow?

I love this look. It’s just so elegant and fits in perfectly with the french provincial look I am determined to imprint this house with. The more ornate mouldings will come into play on my kitchen range hood and staircase. I don’t want to overdo it everywhere so I think this is worth doing for adding a little french character to the house. I found these pictures on Pinterest and I have no idea who they belong to. Beautiful.

I am laying wide board french oak herringbone parquetry flooring in the whole house except the bathrooms so the more I think about it the more I like the idea of painting the architraves, skirtings and door surrounds.

Check back soon I am working on an interior and exterior colour palette.