A Guide to Self-Care Twitter Bots


Twitter bots have gained traction lately as an effortless way to integrate self-care reminders into your feed. Not only that, but you can also enable notifications and receive a friendly nudge each time they post.

But the thing is, every bot has its own personality. For instance, some are gentle and nurturing, while others literally shout at you in all caps. So you have to find one (or two or three) that are right for you.

That's why I've compiled a list of Twitter bots devoted to self-care. For each bot, I'll cover its background, style, tweet frequency and favorite topics.

The Bot Breakdown

— in alphabetical order —

A bot that describes itself as a self-care clock, 5-Minute Self-Care checks in every couple of hours to make sure you've taken a break. Then it gives you ideas for what you can accomplish in 5 minutes, such as tidying your desk.

"If you can take just 5 minutes to do something for yourself, you will have taken a step in the right direction."

Tweet frequency: Every 3 hours
Personality in 2 words: Timely, forgiving
Topic(s): Taking breaks, small actions
Created by: Kate Gray

Aloe is a self-care companion app that will soon be available on iOS. In the meantime, the team has built a bot to foster a community and send gentle self-care reminders throughout the day. They even have a virtual garden that you can nourish through emojis and receive something in return.

If you’re ever feeling down, send them a 🌹 rose emoji.

Tweet frequency: All the time — not recommended for notifications
Personality in 2 words: Encouraging, community-oriented
Topic(s): Small actions, self-reflection, enjoying nature
Created by: Amber Discko and Stefan Hayden

A bot that checks in on you every hour, most often in the form of a question. While check_o_tron is just a bot, it knows that humans need to pay attention to their bodies and focuses on topics like muscle tension and body temperature. Sometimes will refer to you as “bio-friend” or “meat-friend”.

Check_o_tron’s reminders are also available through notifications.

Tweet frequency: Hourly
Personality in 2 words: Caring, sensible
Topic(s): Posture, breathing, hygiene, checking your feelings
Created by: Nora Reed

I’ll admit, this one can be a little intimidating at first. Who wants someone shouting at them in all caps? But soon you realize that DOTHINGSBOT is just really invested in encouraging you to get things done.

As its bio says: “Sometimes if you are having a hard time doing things it helps to have a robot tell you to do a small thing first.”

Tweet frequency: Hourly
Personality in 2 words: Enthusiastic, practical
Topic(s): Small actions, changing focus, short exercises
Created by: Aria Burrell and Nora Reed

A resource designed by mental health activist Emily Reynolds for thoughtful but practical self-care reminders. Unlike other bots, everydaycarebot focuses on small, manageable tasks you can achieve in just a couple of minutes.

Reynolds believes that while one small action isn’t going to suddenly make you well, it can be a positive first step.

Tweet frequency: Every 6 hours
Personality in 2 words: British, pragmatic
Topic(s): The entire list is available on the everydaycarebot website
Created by: Emily Reynolds


As the name suggests, Game Dev Self Care was created by game developers, for game developers. It offers soft, practical nudges — like thinking about your abandoned side projects before starting new ones.

While the tips and reminders are targeted at those in the gaming industry, most are relevant to anyone working at a computer all day.

Tweet frequency: Every 3 hours
Personality in 2 words: Kind, nerdy (in the best way!)
Topic(s): Surviving the workplace, creativity, good engineering practices
Created by: Ebeth

Getting enough water is a struggle for many, so hydratebot helps remind squishy humans to sip throughout the day. This is a very polite bot, always saying please and thank you when it suggests you add liquids to your “mouth-hole.”

You can even make your own hydratebot, no matter if you can code or not.

Tweet frequency: Every 30 minutes
Personality in 2 words: Concerned, polite
Topic(s): Hydration
Created by: Nora Reed

Medbot’s description says that it is “reminders to take your medications from a robot that swallowed a thesaurus” and that’s pretty accurate. This bot will often use words and phrases like prithee, your majesty and thine medications.

Regardless of the words, the message is always the same: Take your medicine.

Tweet frequency: Hourly
Personality in 2 words: Shakespearean, enlightened
Topic(s): Medication
Created by: Nora Reed

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