Usability evaluation and redesign of Hopper

Within the magical slopes of the Andes, remains Machu Picchu- the archaeological mystery of the Inca Empire. The lost city of the Incas was voted one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, but it was a bucket list destination long before. However, due to high numbers of visitors, Peru’s Minister of Culture has issued new rules regarding the visits to Machu Picchu in order to protect the site. …

A look at Spotify Radio

We live a paradox of choice, where we are faced with thousands of possibilities but end up choosing what feels comfortable, or simply not choosing at all. And Spotify is no different. Users are faced with thousands of artists, albums, songs & playlists to choose from. In theory, this sounds amazing, right? An infinite music library available to you at all times. However, in reality, things don’t always work this way. To some users, these infinite options cause more harm than good.

If I ever feel the choice paradox creeping in, I just search for an artist that I…

Citymapper: Design Rethinking

If you own a smartphone, have ever lived in a concrete jungle and have found yourself lost in the midst of the craziness that is public transports, chances are, you have, not one, but at least 2 navigation apps downloaded on your phone. Nowadays, navigation apps are crucial to our lives. Whether you want to know the fastest route to work, the cheapest option to get to that fancy brunch place where you will ultimately spend way too much money, or if you are simply lost and need to know whether to go left or right. …

Carolina Teixeira

Product Designer. I believe one innovates and learns faster out of its comfort zone

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