Turning The Many Into One

Hear O Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord is one. If God is one, then we, created in his image, should be one.

Our oneness seems to eludes us time and again. I see glimpses of it at times of great sorrow and times when we rejoice. But then it seems to slip away from me as quickly as it came.

I recently saw an excerpt from a video about unity in marriage. Making two people into one. Rabbi Mannis Friedman from Chabad said, much to my dismay, that there is nothing that a person can do to make two people one. So if I couldn’t make two people into one, then my quest to make the many into one was like the maltese falcon.

I knew two things for sure as I listened to the video. I wanted to find oneness in a sea of people with so many different labels. I wanted it because inside I knew that like God, we are one.

The rabbi then said something so simple, it resonated with me because of its simplicity. The secret is not to make yourself one, but to stop being two! I don’t have to change myself or any member of the tribe. I just have to see all of us as the one thing we are. Jews.