The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

I have so many issues with this article.

A. You are a racist. B. The Heineken is far from the 3rd shittiest beer on the planet. C. You give liberals a bad name when you insult your readers in your title. You are part of the problem. D. You would rather resort to violence (which is not the answer) than to see two people sit down and talk things out. If you speak to anyone who has half a brain they will tell you, the only way to really see change is to change the minds of those who stand in the way….not to bash them in the head. You should be ashamed of yourself. E. Your issue with the transphobia is absolutely ridiculous. If someone can be the victim of a hate crime based on the way they look it is the same struggle. Why is racism the only kind of prejudice we’re allowed to discuss? Do you think that is the only problems Americans are facing right now? Wake up. F. You need to learn tolerance. You are asking things of society you are not prepared to give yourself. Which not only makes you a hypocrite but also too blinded by your own hatred to see yourself for what you are…that or you’re too proud. Either way, it’s not looking good on you. G. I have not seen it referred to as an “antidote” but “Heineken’s ANSWER” people are allowed to have different executions when trying to express discontent.

You are just one of those people who will always find a problem with something because your identity is rage, anger, hate, and intolerance.

As someone who is and has been the object of racist remarks and actions and as someone who is in fact, very intelligent , I can say that I not only approve of this ad, I am proud of it. I feel it embodies everything I think and feel. It is an experiment I would have conceived. If this ad had been for a Mexican beer would you feel the same?

You’re an overly dramatic, angry person who apparently loves to play the victim. Stop making us look bad. YOU ARE WORSE THAN THE PEPSI AD.

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