The point isn’t to be better than someone else
Jason Theodor

I love butternut squash, let’s just make that clear. I also know about the divide your mind creates when you are going public with something you write. I cannot just write whatever comes into my head and leave it alone. There is a critic (or several if not a host of them), that is going to censor some of it.

I think that is OK, as long as I am aware of what is going on. If my IC (inner critic, and using one for the sake of simplicity) says “That is too silly,” I can ask myself why that would bother me, and make a decision to include or not include it anyway. If my IC says “That is pretty crude, you’re just venting, (or perhaps preaching) I know it has to go. That is not what I want on my public record if I can help it.

The beauty of having limited time to create ADB is you are only left with a small window where you can even listen to the IC, never mind dialogue with it. That way you have a more “authentic” piece of writing, in terms of being less censored, less considered.

But the writing all promotes creative thinking, demonstrates the guts to put it out there and invites response, no matter how “authentic” it is.

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