More and peace (it’s never enough)
Jason Theodor

That is such a clever Tolstoy-ian title. And isn’t always wanting more often a cause for war?

But, to play the devil’s advocate about all this wanting and never being satisfied, perhaps that is one of the reasons we keep progressing with improvements, new inventions, new ideas. Where we fall short, however, is with the mess we make doing all these things – messes that are often impossible to clean up (impossible=too much $). Enough mess can eventually be our undoing, and there are sufficient numbers of scientists warning that eventuality is imminent for us to have real concern about it. The truly funny thing is that real concerns are often not the ones people complain about.

Wanting more, always more, is a bona fide monkey on your back (or perhaps a gorilla). It snatches all your happiness.

To put it into 17 syllables:

Wanting more and peace
Mutually exclusive
Joy falls victim too
~Carol Wiebe