And turned it into my greatest life lesson.

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Earlier this year I attended a course with the Academy of Coaching Excellence, where I learned that everyone has a basic assumption, or fundamental misapprehension, that rears its ugly head whenever we move toward our goals and dreams or venture into the new. It is a core belief formed early in life that repeats like a bad sitcom plot, keeping us trapped in a certain way of seeing ourselves and the world around us, resulting in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Examples of basic assumptions include: I can’t, there is something wrong with me, and life is hard.

My basic assumption was…

The Invisible College

As UFO/UAP research attracts more public attention, new technologies may now bring science-based disclosure to the people.

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Photo by Lucas Pezeta from Pexels (modified by Stellar)

With US intelligence agencies on the hook to report what they know about UFOs, the tide may be turning on treating UFOs as worthy of serious scientific inquiry. However, given decades of being ignored, underfunded, or ridiculed, the study of UFO and related phenomenon has a lot of ground to cover.

Instead of relying solely on the government (which doesn’t have the greatest track record) or academic institutions funded by government grants or private foundations (which can be dictated by agendas), UFO research should take an all-of-the-above approach to maximize data collection, promote transparency, and foster collaboration.

Fortunately, over the…

Neighborhood Watch

Without hard evidence about the UFO/UAP presence, we have to accept that the reality is likely more complex than it first appears.

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In many ways, public opinion on the alien topic mirrors society at large — divided and narrow. In one camp are people like Steven Greer, who see aliens as benevolent and beneficial to humanity. In another are people like Christopher Mellon, who talk in terms of threat and national security. Yet seeking to define the phenomenon as one thing or the other — our salvation or demise — risks falling into the same kind of dualistic, black and white thinking that routinely limits human progress.

If we are truly objective, we have to admit that we do not empirically know…

We are better prepared for the unpreparable.

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By now, millions have watched that Saturday Night Live skit with Kate McKinnon as the fortune teller making 2020 predictions to a group of friends. She speaks of fights over washing bags of Doritos or dining indoors. What made that skit so funny was how ridiculously unpredictable the new realities of 2020 were and how profoundly the changes ran. Who would have guessed that we would be rationing toilet paper squares or organizing drive-by birthday parties?

Yet what if we had known? What if someone had warned us that a highly contagious and…

Brave New World

If disclosure isn’t the answer, what was the question?

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Those of us in the UFO community do not need convincing that the phenomenon is real. We have seen the videos, heard the testimony, and perhaps experienced some form of contact ourselves. In pondering the mysteries of the universe, we have listened to that inner voice of wisdom that says, “Of course we are not alone.” While what we understand is dwarfed by what we don’t, intuitively we know there is some truth there.

We are now approaching a time when the majority of the human population won’t need convincing either. The catalysts of government disclosure, increased photos and footage…

And found the desire for something better

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As the days and then weeks passed without word from him, I sat with feelings of disappointment and confusion. I wriggled and wrangled, wondering how I could feel so strongly about someone who seemed so uninclined to reciprocate. Being my first attempt at a new relationship post-divorce, I considered the devastating possibility that despite all of my introspection and healing, I had perhaps not yet grown beyond chasing what wasn’t good for me.

But from that haze of uncertainty and self-doubt came a powerful vision that shifted how I saw myself, affirmed what I have to offer, and clarified what…

Being open to the answer can change your life forever

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Sometimes it is a near-death experience or a trauma that brings us to our knees. Sometimes it is a profoundly beautiful experience that touches us to our core. Sometimes it is a poignant longing, pervasive dissatisfaction, or a subtle intuition that squeezes our heart. Whatever the catalyst is, a spiritual awakening often starts with one simple question: Might there be more?

Might there be more joy and happiness available to me? More peace and purpose? Could there be more love and abundance in my life? More inspiration and fulfillment? …

In fulfilling three promises to her, she offered her final lessons.

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Photo by Ivan Bolshakov on Unsplash

The doctor came in solemnly, holding a clipboard against his chest.

“I have some bad news,” he began gravely. “Alexa has metastatic cancer that has spread throughout her body. Unfortunately, there is no treatment. She has weeks to live.”

My husband and I instinctively fell into each other’s arms unable to hold back tears. Alexa was a focal point of our lives, an integral part of our daily routine, and the source of great love. …

Mark Your Calendars

It’s time to prepare for what might be some startling news.

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Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Thanks to a provision in the coronavirus relief and government funding bill signed into law in late December, we may come closer to knowing the truth about whether we are alone in the cosmos and being visited by our galactic neighbors.

The news has been reported by everyone from CNN to Fox and dozens of other journalistic outlets and commented on widely in the UFO community with articles on The Debrief and even here at Trail of the Saucers.

The bottom line is that a provision in that bill gives US intelligence agencies 180 days to report what they know…

It’s fine, but here is what I would do differently next time

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Photo by Darius Bashar on Unsplash

I paid $900 to a professional editor before I realized that I didn’t actually want to move forward with the book I spent a year writing. As I awaited her feedback, I wrestled with heaviness and a sense of dread. Even if she loved the book, I knew it would take a lot more work to get it to where it needed to be. Yet the energy and excitement that had pulled me to my writing desk were no longer there. Whether the book was complete or not, I was done.

When I told my friend that I had decided…

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