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Signs are pointing to a bombshell UFO report. Here are some talking points to help your friends and family come to terms with UFO reality.

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OK, let’s get it out of our system. On the count of three, let’s all say it out loud: I TOLD YOU SO. Enjoy that moment of gloating because we still have work to do. In what may be the boldest disclosure yet on the UFO question, the people in our lives may suddenly be looking to us to help them make sense of what they just learned.

We all know that the clock is ticking for the US government to release its report sharing what it knows about UFOs or unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). Yes, there are ways the…

If we knew exactly what our future holds, life would be extremely boring.

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The pandemic gave many people an opportunity to think about what they really want in life and dream some new dreams. However, most people never attempt their greatest aspirations or make big changes in their lives. There can be lots of reasons for this, but one that often comes up is not knowing how things will turn out, which can make people very nervous. Absent a guarantee of success, many will cling to what seems known and safe instead of going for what they truly want. …


If there is a Galactic Federation, they probably have an agenda. We should tread carefully if we value human sovereignty.

Source: The Star Trek Design Project

The idea of a Galactic Federation has been around for a while, especially among Star Trek fans, but it was the mention of it in a December 2020 interview with the former head of Israel’s space program, Haim Eshed, that catapulted it to public awareness. While Eshed’s claims that there is a real Galactic Federation and it has signed agreements with the US government were widely dismissed by popular media as hearsay or a publicity stunt for his book, the questions of whether there is a Galactic Federation and if there is, what role they play for humanity, remain unanswered.

The only thing holding me back in life was me — and my inclination to play it safe.

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I had to leave, if for no other reason than to know I could. I needed to have the experience of stepping away from my salary, uprooting myself from my reclusive complacency, and venturing out with confidence into a country in chaos. I wanted to flirt with chance, explore new places, and give birth to a new version of myself. In the passing of miles, I sought to know what it felt like to live life at the crossroads, forever in the present moment, and allow myself to be guided by my intuition and whim.

There were some people who…

A Grander Perspective

More than we might think and that’s good news. Higher consciousness can accelerate UFO disclosure and create positive ET experiences for those who believe it is possible.

Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay | Alt by Stellar

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~ Lao Tzu

Sometimes you can sense a tension in the UFO community between those more interested in the nuts and bolts of spacecraft and security risks of potential contact and those who come to the discussion of UFOs and extraterrestrials with a metaphysical or consciousness lens. The tension often has the appearance of pitting facts against belief, science against spirituality, and even masculine against feminine.

Most people with a more metaphysical leaning readily embrace the evidence of UFO sightings. After all, who doesn’t love…

Neighborhood Watch

When it comes to assessing a potential ET threat, we should hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

The Arrival | Paramount Pictures

I used to be somewhat dismissive of the idea of UFOs and ETs posing a threat to humanity. Coming to this topic via metaphysical circles meant that my introduction to other forms of consciousness and intelligent life was steeped in “light and love.” Interacting with benevolent, higher dimensional beings via their human channels, as well as my own experiences, shaped an overwhelmingly positive perspective on the question of why beings from beyond are engaging with our species. But in broadening my gaze and asking critical questions based on a fuller data set, I see the flaws in my thinking. …

Exploring the Beyond

The longing in my heart is the anticipation of reunion and the realization that we have never been alone. Are you ready for a brighter and bolder reality?

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If you asked me a few years ago whether I would consider it fun to sit out in the dark looking for UFOs, I would have answered you in the negative, probably with an expletive. I put aliens in the same terrifying realm as ghosts and demons — definitely not something I would purposely seek out. But something has since changed in me. In my heart awakened a longing that draws me outside to stare at the sky. I don’t fully understand it or know what to do with it, but it is there like a beacon calling me home.

Open Minds Needed

Neil deGrasse Tyson is back to his debunker’s ways, but the lack of incontrovertible evidence he demands does not justify ignoring real probabilities of ET existence.

Skeptic Neil deGrasse Tyson | Art by Stellar

Is It Really So ‘Extraordinary’ to Think UFOs May Come from a Non-Human Source?

Neil deGrasse Tyson caused a stir yet again in UFO circles with his March 4, 2021 tweet saying, “Not knowing what it is, does not count as evidence for knowing what it is,” regarding the videos of UFOs taken by Navy pilots. This echoes a popular line of reasoning among skeptics that UFOs do not prove the existence of extraterrestrial (ET) beings or advanced galactic civilizations.

Even among skeptics who believe observed objects are not of human origin, there is often doubt or reluctance to suggest that these objects or vehicles are being piloted or otherwise controlled by advanced…

Word Choice

Words matter in how we talk about this phenomenon that surrounds us. So what do we call these strange visitors?

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

As a writer, I try to choose my words carefully so as to be precise, concise, and understood. In many cases, I am also selecting words to be objective and avoiding loaded words that can trigger people or set people down a narrow ideological path. So when I decided I was going to start publicly writing about potential non-human civilizations that dwell in or originate from other dimensions, planets, or galaxies, I faced the challenge of what word or words to use to say what I mean. …

Seeking the Truth

My response to a New York Times opinion piece that takes on blindly accepting consensus opinion versus dismissing so-called conspiracy theories, and how it relates to the UFO conundrum.

Carolyn Brouillard

A passionate explorer of personal growth and believer in the power of words to excite positive change. Twitter: @CarolynNewWays / IG: @carolyn_crossroads

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