3 Great Lessons From #AR/#VR/#Mixed Reality


I recently attended my first #UniteLA this year. I met Sol, Founder/CEO of REWIND, after watching his presentation to reveal Salesdrive, A Real-Time Virtual Reality Sales Tool at #UniteLA. I was lucky to speak to him afterwards to hear his thoughts on Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality.

Q: What are the biggest challenges and opportunities within AR/VR/Mixed Reality?

A: I think that the biggest challenge is the technology isn’t ubiquitous yet, you don’t have it in everyone’s hands. People really don’t understand the difference between hardware, software, and the content. The content itself is very specific, it has to be entertaining and engaging. But the hardware, until you put it on, you don’t understand how great it is.

For me, the future is mixed reality. I think the blending of the physical and digital is going to happen. What we’ve seen in just a glimpse with Magic Leap, META, HoloLens is really the future of humanity, allowing having it continuous digital layer that’s always on a pair of glasses like this, is going to disrupt and change the way we live.

Imagine just one use case. So, the television itself at the moment is a black box that sits on a wall and it’s a piece of physical hardware. Through my mixed reality glasses, I can have any size television, any resolution, on any surface. So suddenly televisions themselves are never going to be sold in the same way.

Imagine the opportunity for me to be able to open the bonnet of my car and look in my engine with glasses connecting to it. It’s going to tell me what to do and how to fix it. It is going to democratize the idea of education, it is going to change the way we consider what intelligence is. So for me, mixed reality is the future of humanity.

The full interview was originally posted on my LinkedIn.

Thank you Sol at REWIND for taking the time out to speak with me at #UniteLA, it is very much appreciated!