Back to self..

Today I found myself realizing within alignment, that all the things that seem to be complicated are only complicated by ones self. It’s a practice and we are all in this life together, different perspectives, and time and vibrations but we all are experiencing these obstacles of life as one. Nobody is alone nor should they feel alone or on an island of despair or darkness that can not be understood, because their is a way a light and a balance to all phases-good and bad. I say this to others as I remind myself, I often feel isolated and that the things that matter to me are hard to relate with many. I must remember to remain open in all my interactions and be compassionate in remembering we are all going through the same thing on different waves.

A great example of one of the “things” is Grief. An interesting monster that seems to pop up and go away when it pleases, but although it feels weird to say Grief is a beautiful thing. Grief transforms your spirit and soul and really reflects that through feeling the loss, the absence and the saddness the healing can begin. You can verbalize it, translate it, push it on others, ball it up inside, their is no hiding from this. It’s almost like a grade you cant skip, you cant graduate without facing it. Feeling it, breathing, appreciating it and letting go of it. Know that it will be the worst and best thing to happen. Maybe we go through these thing to really grasp on to the present moment knowing that we have a short amount of time here and that nothing and no relationship is guaranteed. I believe these things only because I have experienced a good amount of it in my 20’s and have come out on the other side. And its all okay.

Food for thought- we are all on a rocket ship moving fast towards the moon, we don’t know how long or fast this ship will go or when it will stop…brace yourself and laugh the whole way up, leaving sparks of light along the way.

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