7 Ways to Stay Fresh In Your City

My generation has a lot of stereotypes and stigmas attached to it. We hop around different jobs, live in multiple cities, or, we post up in one city, secure a good job, get married, or, we’re confused, lost, and in a rut. Whichever — it’s chronicled on the Internet.

I teeter back and forth between the three. I’m so stimulated by the perceived “success” of my peers via social media, that I often find myself unhappy with my “boring life” and ponder: how can I stay freshly motivated in my city?

  1. Go solo: I love traveling by myself — stopping for tea and observing the world around me, seeking out strangers to talk to at a bar. But in my own city? These actions are far and few between. NYC is deemed one of the greatest cities on Earth, I need to channel the same mindset here.
  2. What are the tourists doing: No, not the annoying ones in Times Square. I had to go all the way to DC to go to a museum. It’s a travesty. I never think about it… but I should go.
  3. Find your stress reliever: Run. Art. Write. Cook. Yoga. Music.
  4. Find another stress reliever: Walk. Read. Garden. Photograph. Sit.
  5. Squash the routine: Grocery shop, make lunches, exercise, in bed by 11, do it all over again. Routines are whatever, but spontaneity will be the breadth and soul of living a non-rut life.
  6. Reflect: On goals, feelings, and milestones — I think there is nothing more important than being able to reflect.
  7. Take advantage of time off: Traveling goes hand in hand with #6. Taking the time to visit a new city, country, for a few days or a few weeks is immeasurable to be able to compare and contrast a new place to your home place. You truly don’t know how good you have it until you go somewhere else.

It’s not fool proof, but it definitely helps when you’re feeling small in the world.