Standing with a purpose...
When I write, I open up inside and my true feelings come to light. Not necessarily to expose myself or for that matter not to expose others. Because most of the time, my posts may not be just for or about me. 
When I initially started posting, my purpose was selfish. If anyone has been following I said it was mainly to remind myself and to hold myself accountable. But, as I started to reach others with my words and people started to approach me with words of encouragement and the responses became conversation pieces, I felt compelled to continue. But more so, I started to hold myself even more accountable, but in a different way. At that point, I had a responsibility.
"I needed to stand for something." 
See "if you don’t stand for something, then you’ll fall for anything." 
Let those words resonate for a minute. If your over thirty then you’ve heard them before. 
You must have a stance, be it love, faith, fairness, family etc. If you walk with nothing but a selfish purpose, only for personal gain, never giving back, never speaking out or never reaching out to help others. Then you are not giving your life "Purpose".
What reason is it that God has you here?Think about it.......tap into it.........that’s all.

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