New things released and bad things fixed

  • We’re outta beta, gata!
  • Our onboarding experience is better. It’s not perfect, but it is, at the very least, better. And by better we mean simpler.
  • Ever wish Obie could search GitHub or Box? Wish: Received.
  • Good news for our friends who use Jira or Trello: Early access to these…

Our first changelog for Obie in Stride

We recently wrote about our experience building Obie for Stride. Suffice it to say we’re proud of v1 and grateful for the feedback from our early adopters.

It’s important to us that you know that we’re working hard to make Obie better. Below you’ll be able to read and see…

Saying goodbye to bloat features

Obie is spring cleaning his dam. With that comes the removal of a handful of features on Obie’s dashboard for all teams, including teams now and into the future. The features will be removed on March 9. …

Here’s what’s new:

  • Obie is better and smarter at returning more relevant Page results. TL;DR: Better.
  • If you had a large Google Drive, Obie was very slow at returning results. We cut the time down to 10% of what it originally was. No one should ever be penalized for storing too much knowledge.

Speed Enhancements, New Knowledge Cards, and an Improved Onboarding, Oh My!

  • Last updated times (and authors for Obie content!) are now shown on all results Obie returns, to help you better figure out which result is the most relevant for you. As it should be.
  • Rate every result, instead of just the result set, as you wish. …

This update is a big step for the Obie team, and it represents a big step towards our mission to help teams organize their knowledge and make it universally accessible and useful.

Here’s what’s new:

  • You can now add, edit and remove your team’s Q&A’s on the Tasytt dashboard. This…

Like I said, knowledge management is not sexy. Nobody wants to even approach the subject because it’s typically hideous and full of gaps. It’s overwhelming, daunting, scary to look at, and often discouraging. But we’re going to have a talk. The talk.

Managing knowledge in a startup or a small…

We often think of knowledge as something that can be recorded in words, visualized and taught. This is called explicit knowledge.

  • Explicit Knowledge: The knowledge that has been recorded and structured into an organizational knowledge asset. Others can find it, reuse it, and collaborate on the knowledge. …

We’re uber proud of this feature, so we want to teach you more about Flows to help you make the most of them.

Flows are a series of steps delivered one at a time via Obie. They use spaced-repetition to increase knowledge retention. Create Flows on the Tasytt dashboard to…

Okay. So you’ve finally arrived (or are en route) to Chi-City for HR Tech 2016. Maybe you’re rummaging through your things for your business cards. Maybe you just dropped your bags in your hotel room. Maybe you’re on a break and wondering where you’ll grab din tonight. …

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