Syndlab Review — Syndlab Bonus Joshua Zamora While there are many Syndlab Reviews, I think this one is the best because I am very familiar not only with Syndlab, I am also very familiar with Syndwire, OnlyWire, and IFTTT. In this video I cover the following topics: 1. What is Syndlab? 2. What makes this different than Syndwire, OnlyWire, and IFTTT? 3. How to get results with the web2.0 syndication accounts. 4. The one thing that will stop you from getting the results you see demonstrated. 5. How to access my unique bonus package. 6. My final recommendation and the strengths and weakness of this product. Be sure to watch the whole video as I share the one thing that nobody is talking about regarding how to maximize the effectiveness of any of these Web2.0 syndication tools. The one problem is that many of these new web 2.0 accounts have is they are not indexed. And without great content, they can be almost worthless as they have not authority and hence no power. This effectively makes the syndication of the videos very weak. The key is to make the web2.0s powerful with great content and great authority. Watch the video, and near the end I share how to learn a great way to give the social accounts a ton of authority. Remember, this is basically the same thing as Syndwire, except it does not have the monthly fee. Instead, it is a one time fee, which to be honest is this products best feature. Thanks for watching this video, and feel free to leave a comment below, like the video if you found it useful and subscribe to my channel to be notified of future videos. Also, if you do invest in Syndlab and qualify for my Syndlab bonus, JVZoo will give you access to my bonus which I reference near the end of the video. Thanks, Bill Preston PS. Keep in mind, Syndlab is not live until May 18th. So hang in there! People who watched this video: Were also intersted in: Syndlab Review Syndlab Reviews Syndlab Bonus Joshua Zamora Don’t forget to check out our YouTube Channel: Click the link below to subscribe to our channel and get informed when we add new content: CONNECT WITH US: #syndlab #syndlabreviews #syndlabreview #syndlabbonus Please note: While I am never paid to make a review video, you should know that if you do decide to invest in SyndLab via my link, I may make an affiliate commission. That should not impact your decision as I only recommend products that I find useful. Syndlab Review — Syndlab Bonus

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