My Uncle Sends Me a Box of Trash Every Year for My Birthday — Here’s What He Sent This Year
Alex J. Mann

Absolutely loved this story until the last line…not sure that was necessary. My grandma was a hoarder and I used to make fun of everything she gave me because it was cheap, free “junk” she had collected, and I didn’t appreciate it. Now that my grandma has passed, I understand that to her, she was giving me the best gift possible, and I’d do anything to have a box of just some of the “treasures” she gave me. It’s ok to laugh, and it’s ok to share in a humorous way, but please don’t ever take it for granted! And don’t automatically think that your uncle is just some cheap a*hole for sending you a “box of junk.” I’m sure he feels like it’s special, and you’re lucky that you have an uncle that even sends you anything at all on your grown ass birthdays! :-)

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