Work on your influencing skills: Always add a context and a simple justification to your creative proposals
3 priceless learnings after 1 year out of Design school
Micka Touillaud

Also to further your influencing skills (impacted by how professionally trustworthy and knowledgeable you are, how reliable your advice is), learn all the counter-arguments to your argument. Be ready to address each one intelligently (defending your points with reference, backup data, source, etc.). This also puts you in a position where you are more familiar than anyone in the room with the pros/cons of every point. Information is power! When you can receive a hardball elegantly, and return it with grace and sound thinking, you’ll engender respect at the very least, and ideally meet your goal of winning your point. We call this making an ‘airtight’ argument. GOAL!

Your influencing skills will increase over time, the more you keep ‘hitting it out of the park.’ With a good many wins, you’ll become the go-to expert for the entire team/company, assured they can rely on your expertise. (Tip: just remain approachable and humble, so that folks will *want* to seek you out.)

Mixed sports metaphors ftw! ;-)