Today was a great day!

As an entrepreneur, every day is different. When someone asks what I do, my answer will be completely different on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday. And I love that! The one constant is that I have the distinct honor to change people’s lives. I get at least one email per day from someone within North America who has done a Balanced Habits nutrition program and in some way it has changed their life. How cool is that? Enlightening people how to care for themselves and how they can improve their life is way more than a j-o-b for me. It’s something I take very seriously. I didn’t get the chance to help my brother or sister and both died in their fifties. Both were overweight and didn’t live a healthy lifestyle. Suffice it to say that you can’t “want” something for someone else; they have to want it for themselves. That’s a hard truth to conceptualize. Be there for your people. Be there for them when they ask for your help or support. Take care of yourself so that if and when someone who needs your help asks, you are ready and able to offer it. I always say, on a Monday, Wednesday or even a Friday, that small changes eventually lead to big and meaningful change. Don’t expect perfection, but do expect to surprise yourself once in a while. You surprise me daily with your growth and willingness to change. Don’t stop! Watch this quick video I made today. It reminded me of the summer just around the corner.

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