moving from new york city to denver.

it’s been blissful, it’s been difficult but one thing’s for sure, it’s been real.

i’ve known that alex and i were going to move to denver for almost 6 months now but for the longest time, it wasn’t real. even during the going away parties, goodbye dinners, packing up our perfect nyc apartment, saying goodbye to my best friends and amazing colleagues, crying in the street with my best friend of 22 years, our first few days living in an airbnb, driving cross country and moving into our apartment, it still wasn’t real. but now, almost two weeks in, it hit me — it’s real.

for the last six months, i’ve struggled to understand why people thought this move wasn’t a big deal. for me, my family and my closest friends, it’s been earth shattering but to the rest of the world, it was no biggie. i guess being a native new yorker, leaving new york — the only city in the world in most new yorkers’ eyes — is a huge deal. it feels like a breakup, a bad one, but the excitement and opportunity outweighs the heavy feeling in my heart.

i don’t miss nyc as much as i miss the people that live in it. new yorkers themselves are what fuels that magic that is manhattan. the people drive the food, the art, the culture, the diversity, the music, the comedy, the hustle and the attitude. the people are also what fuel this incredible love that i feel for new york city — my home.

but now’s the time to get real, i don’t live in new york anymore and that’s my new and exciting reality. yeah, i’m a sappy sad panda but i’m also so excited for everything that lies ahead. from the short weeks that i’ve lived in colorado, i’ve learned so much about the city, the mountains, the adventure, the amazing blue sky, the people, the beer and the crazy love that coloradans have for this place. i get it.

colorado and denver is full of potential and opportunity. the cranes are a huge sign of growth and there is so much to look forward to. in my short time here, i’ve hiked, skied, ran, biked, bootcamped, retaught myself how to drive (yikes), ate great food, drank great beer, learned about the real estate market and met some really awesome people.

i’m crazy excited for the next few months — i have family and friends visiting, some serious hiking and naturing plans, music to listen to, rivers to kayak, neighborhoods to see, workouts to try, bachelorette parties, weddings, not to mention alex and my own wedding planning and, of course, visits to nyc.

peace out, for now. xoxo

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