Mission Letter for the week of August 1‏

Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you very much for the letters both of you sent me. They really did mean alot to me from the time I was out here. The last couple of weeks have been a little bit hard for me but most likely easy. And the reason why I often times am feeling homesick on my mission is because as one of the missionaries in my mission who saw me sad when I was in the library last Saturday told me that the first 3 months in the mission are indeed the hardest. But they have been pretty good. I have had a really good week in the mission field this week Starting off with this last Sunday Me and my companion went to Music And the Spoken Word last Sunday. and we got there about an hour and a half to when it started. We arrived into the Conference Center a little bit before 8:30am and we listened to the choir do there warm up and their rehearsal for the broadcast. While I was listening to the broadcast. There was something in the program that really stuck out to me and has helped me as I was feeling a little down depressed and homesick since I am just a new Elder. and because it takes about 90 days exactly to adjust to missionary life Lloyd Newell when he spoke gave a really powerful message. He talked alot about having a perfect Brightness Of Hope and he was also telling a story about a girl who was dressed up in her cap and gown and I believe she graduated from college and it was displayed on the screen of her holding her university diploma. And what she did is she acheived what most people thought was impossible and when some people asked her how she did it and how she had managed to pull herself out of circumstances what were very very difficult for her she said I had hope I just kept going and never lost hope. And it really hit me when I heard those words because what was said in the broadcast last Sunday about hope has really helped me make my mission little bit easier for me. It has helped me look to Christ and follow his example. and with serving a mission It is indeed the exact same thing. You can hope for things to happen. and you can faith that things can happen just like said in my talk we need to focus on looking to Christ and never looking back. Another thing that stuck out to me in the broadcast was when Brother Newell quoted Winston Churchill when he said never give in never give in never never never and when I heard that I thought of the Savior when he said in the scriptures don’t you ever look back and the number that the choir sang after his message has helped me as well. and I really did like that song. Just like Sandra when she said that when I challenged others to look to Christ in her talk it really did help her because she was going through a really hard time with Tom John since he passed away two months ago.

So anyway this week was good. The week started with Monday being Book of Mormon Day which it was in our mission. When President Tate spoke to us at our Monday Morning Devotional. He asked us if we all had our Book Of Mormon. I did not but most missionaries did. I bet Dad you would love to hear this and Mom as well I am singing in a choir on my mission and it is actually 2 choirs One is the choir for our mission called the Elijah Choir We have practice on Mondays before our devotional in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. and we have practice on Wednesdays at 4:00 at the Salt Lake Stake Center. And there is a Branch Choir that we sing in that actually practices every Sunday before church at 11:45. Our sacrament meeting begins at 1:00pm. And yes indeed this week I ran into Sister Anderson on Temple Square she has family out in Utah. and she did take a picture with me. and we had a branch dinner on Monday and that is where I ran into your cousin Deborah Gates. who gave me the letters that you and Dad had sent to me. So this week I am continuing to stay busy as far as the 90 day Book Of Mormon challenge goes along. Me and my companion started reading the first day onward. We are both reading the Book Of Mormon together every night. And as I read the Book Of Mormon I continue to learn a whole bunch every day with my companion. We read every night before we go to bed. and often times. My companion often times gets tired he will get lost or he’ll ask me which chapter or verse we are on but to be quite honest with you the chapters in the book are very long and there is alot to read as you read the Book Of Mormon each and every night. and I have been reading with my companion at least 18 pages each and every night as President Tate wanted me to do when I asked him about it on Monday. And this week you may have gotten this email but yesterday when I was on the British Floor I ran into 2 people one of them is related to the Ballings in our ward and she said to me that I was the person who gave my farewell talk on Sunday and I told her that I was and I got a picture with her on Friday when I was up there. and then I got a picture with another person who was there when I gave my very last testimony last fast Sunday as I sat by my Dad as he was playing the organ in church. but she said that she really did like my testimony and she took a picture of me sitting at the British Greeter’s Desk on Friday. Well anyway I am so sorry that I have to make this letter to you brief. Me and my companion have a busy schedule we are headed to go out to lunch with 2 other missionaries and we will be going to the Temple later on this afternoon to do some baptisms. I do have lots to say I wish tell you what I did all this week in the mission but I have to go now Everything is going great out here in Salt Lake City The work is going good. And I wish all of you the best back at home!


Elder McIntosh