Mission Letter for the week of July 25th

Dear Mom and Dad

This week was a really great week for me this week. I had the opportunity to attend the Pioneer Day Parade on Temple Square. and see all of the bands play and all of the cars pass by. Alot of people who were leading the parade were waving to us. It was pretty awesome. It was alot of fun. I really did like it. The other missionaries had the opportunity on Monday to participate in the Pioneer Day Hike up to Ensign Peak. It was so much fun and it was pretty awesome. I wish I could have come to that but because of the fact that me and my companion. went back to our apartment so late because the van was supposed to leave at 10:30 we missed the hike. and I told my companion that the responsibility fell on both of us and that we were supposed to leave the parade earlier which we did not do. But there is always next year another opportunity for me to participate in this. Generally out here in Salt Lake City Utah they generally celebrate Pioneer Day on the 24th of July but because the 24th was on a Sunday. they decided to celebrate it on a Monday. So that is what Monday was all about was celebrating Pioneer Day.

Then on Tuesday we had our Transfer Conference I have a new companion now his name is Elder Austin Jones. there are a number of Elder Jones’s in my mission Elder Jones is from Arizona His family just moved to Utah while he was on his mission and he will be living there when he comes home this October. But he is a great man and is also a very loving and friendly man. You know it’s interesting because every day were together or at the end of each day He will ask me What do you want to do today? or What time to do you want to get up tomorrow? He asked me earlier this week if I wanted to go exercise and do some sports because on our mission every day except Sundays they have missionaries every morning for an hour or half an hour maybe exercise either they can lift weights walk jog/run and do lots of other stuff so after of course so many days of him asking me about it. I thankfully decided on Friday morning to go and do exercise because that is taking care of my body for one thing and also it makes me stay healthy and strong. Thank you by the way for sending me that banana bread with me last night It really made me happy when you sent me that letter and for that oil and brush for my razor. I will be sure to replace my razor when I get closer to my 1 year mark on my mission next July. So thank you anyway. Also on Tuesday we had our last day of training for Family Search and we celebrated it by having treats and refreshments.

Then on Wednesday we had our Monthly Temple Trip at the Salt Lake Temple and we had our Endowment Session. I bet you want to know where I am now working. In our mission they have both day and night zones. During the day I am working in the Granite Mountain Record Vaults and during the night I am working in the British Floor of the Family History Center. Now there is alot of cool stuff that happens in the Granite Mountain Record Vault that I cannot tell you about because of the confidential nature of it. But it is so cool to work in there I have had a good time working out there. Thursday was a bit of a hectic day for me We were trying to become familiar with reading numbers and knowing where to put things because one of the responsibilities that we have at the Granite Mountain Record Vault is we get to pull and retrieve films when we do this we have to figure out the order of where the films go in and the right spot or place that it is put in but Friday was a little bit better but we still were a little bit confused but got it a little My new companion as I mentioned is a bit of a friendly guy His personality is a little bit like mine but he likes not only say Hi to people he doesn’t know or meet people. He likes to visit alot of Elders or friends that he has in this mission and anytime he wants to visit them. He will ask me to go with him. I have never had a companion in my entire life that has done that but he does that alot He as I said earlier is a great man has a positive influence on missionaries and people in the mission and he loves to visit and greet people as well. For example on Thursday night before we went to work at our British Zone. We went and visited a senior missionary who is a very good friend of his She was very kind and friendly to us She gave us 2 blueberry muffins and 2 sodas My companion then asked me if I would want to use those muffins for breakfast or those sodas to drink for lunch I told him that it was okay to do. and we did that the next day on Friday. But this last Sunday I did attend Music And The Spoken Word. It was a very powerful performance the Tabernacle Choir sang a number of Pioneer Day songs. We were there for the beginning of it We missed it only by a few seconds. but we got to hear the Choir sing. And it was a very powerful performance. The Spirit was so strong there. and I had a really great time. We had the King Singers sing to us who were the guest performers on last night’s Pioneer Day Concert.

and I also went to church on Sunday and my records were read in Sacrament Meeting last Sunday in the Salt Lake 2nd Branch. My Branch President is President Miller He is a very great man.

How have you been doing this week? What happened at church last week Who conducted? Who spoke what songs did you sing? and what business was conducted? When Dad played the organ last Sunday What did he play for prelude? Did he do just my songs? And did he really play just those 2 songs for prelude that I suggested like you said he would for the next 2 years that he was gone? Is he doing everything that I told him to do for prelude every Sunday that he plays? I have been thinking a whole lot about you this week I miss you so much and Kirstin and Caleb and Aidan as well? I hope you all are doing well and I can’t wait to hear from you soon. The work out here is going well.

Elder McIntosh

P.S. As I was logging into my current gmail account this morning I typed in my current email address and password to my gmail account it didn’t work I have tried changing my password that didn’t work either So because this just to let you know will you be willing to forward from your email accounts the email messages that you sent to me last week So that I can know what was going on. Just forward them to my new gmail account and anybody else who has sent me emails within the last week I would appreciate it very much Thanks