Illness and Exhaustion — Lessons Learnt

Dear Friend,

I say friend because you are. I’m writing to you to apologise. I’ve put off writing this for a week because I didn’t want to let you down.

It may not seem to be a massive deal to postpose the launch of my second collection but to me it is. When I say I’m going to do something, I damn well do it. But unless I take some time to rest and recuperate, this illness is not gonna go away. I’ve been fighting the flu/exhaustion/lurgy for two weeks after my body pretty much gave in on me and I’m still not 100%.

Two weeks out of a six week schedule is a long time and to try to still aim to launch on 17th February is lunacy!

After being badgered by my loved ones and knowing I have to stop and recuperate, I’m going to postpone the launch of Elegant Hustle. I want to push through this and keep fighting but the lack of flow, concentration and energy is just not allowing this to happen. I’m a great believer in The Universe telling me things and it’s telling to chill the fuck out!

Anyway, to try and bring some positivity to this, here’s what I’ve have learnt…

1. Listen to your body
It took about three days for this to manifest into something that put me on my back. I knew something wasn’t right but I kept going. If it doesn’t feel right, stop. Those feeling are there for a reason.

2. Rest, properly
If you’re gonna fall over, reach the bottom before you start climbing back up again. Putting off rest is what’s made this go on for longer than necessary. Partying and late nights haven’t helped.

3. Ask for Help
I’m fiercely independent. I was determined to do this collection solo to see if I could do it and while I could have, it absolutely wasn’t necessary. The offers of help have come from so many of you and I’m incredibly grateful. Just because you can, don’t mean that you should.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be in touch very soon.

Much love

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