having it all.

I’m still telling myself that I can have it all. In fact, I think most people that I know are telling themselves that — where did we get this idea?

It actually seems like a pretty good idea.

I mean: there are a lot of things that I want, I’m a decently hard worker and I have a pretty great support system. The modern world tells me that those are the perfect elements for this equation.

I think the problem is, I want to have it all but I’m not REALLY sure what “it all” even is. Are you?

I want:

  • A reputable + successful career.
  • A happy husband.
  • A perfect home.
  • Healthy kids.
  • To be an outstanding neighbour, sister, daughter, friend.
  • A capable athlete.
  • Strong — both physically and metaphorically.
  • A great host.
  • A devoted community member.
  • An active Board Member.
  • A concerned citizen.
  • ‘Enough’ money.
  • An overflowing passport.
  • A creative crafter.
  • And whatever else I can’t think of today….

Basically, I want a long list of things.

But which of those things actually make me happy? Which of these fuel the others? Which things bring me joy that overflows to my neighbours?

A quick scan of the list (while wearing my ‘yes you can have it all’ hat) tells me that ALL of these things will make me happy. All of these things will make me the best version of myself. All of these things are necessary.

But are they?

At the end of my life will I care about the 4 hour board meeting I sat in this week? The perfect restaurant I chose on our vacation in Turkey? The quilt I perfected as a gift for my friend’s new baby? The elaborate 5 course meal I prepared for my friends? The months I spent trying to determine what a successful career actually looks like?

Will you?

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