2 Minute Writing Exercise — Actually 8 Minutes

This semester i am taking a tap dancing class. i think we’ll have a dance recital. reciting with taps. tap tap tap. that reminds me of an i love lucy. tap tap tap. yesterday i woke up with poems about death in my head.

i thought about writing down the poems, but didn’t, and now they’re gone. they’re dead. the poems have died, and so shall i. someday. maybe today. maybe tomorrow. maybe i’ll become immortal. a vampire. is that the only way to become immortal? i have to be bitten on the neck? i suppose there are worse things. how will i test if the person biting me is really a vampire?

stab them through the heart with a wooden dagger, i suppose. can i buy a wooden dagger, or will i need to make one? if one says that they are a vampire, are they asking to be stabbed in the heart with a wooden dagger? is that like a rape analogy? they were asking for it by being a vampire. if they’re wearing a black cape with a high collar?

wearing those clothes, you’re asking for it. why does it always come back to vampires? twilight used vampires to justify sexual morality. i’m using vampires to justify murder. like trump being body-shamed. if trump were not a body-shamer, i would have sympathy for his body-shaming.

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