Who are the Xennials, this new micro-generation?

We are all tired of hearing about the Millennials. But guess what? There is a brand new micro-generation you will hear about more and more in the coming weeks, the Xennials.

Millennials is this generation of people that are born between 1982 and 2004. Known as well as Generation Y, these people was outstripped by Generation X, people born between 1961 and 1981.

Each generation, X and Y has its own set of shared characteristic and particularities. But it’s hard to believe that somebody born in 1961 and somebody born in 1981 share the same view on everything. And this is where Xennials come into the game. Let see who are the Xennials?

An “in-between” generation

If we have to try to define Xennials, we could say that they are too young to be old but too old to be young. Officially Xennials are people born between 1977 and 1983. They land on earth with a foot in the Gen X side and the other one in the Gen Y side.

Xennials are born without a computer but they are using it on a daily basis. They used to compose phone numbers on a dial phone and are now using dozens of apps on their Iphone. They use to memorize phone numbers and they now sync hundreds of them in the cloud. They send Snaps and messages via Facebook messenger but were sending letters. Xennials are born in the middle of a massive transformation of our world.

A lost generation ?

Not necessarily. Xennials seem to have gone through the changes of our world the agile way. According to Dan Woodman, Associate Professor of Sociology at The University of Melbourne, Xennials knew a big shift between their childhood and their adulthood. But it seems they found the necessary resources to face changes with ease. They managed to survive and exist in-between Gen X and Gen Y and much more. Only for that last reason, I would say that Xennials are not a lost generation.

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