Top Hair Styles Summer 2016 from Hair Salons in Guelph

Every year when it comes to be summer time, everyone starts to change their hair. This is because summer hair styles tend to be more comfortable with the hot weather. Hair salon in Guelph has noticed that certain summer haircuts stand out. Here is what we have seen so far in summer 2016.

Bob It Style

The bob it is a simple and short hair style. Your hair is trimmed to just under shoulder length. The hair at the front of your head is longer and it is shortened as you continue up your head. While you can’t pull your hair up when it is in a bob it you can curl it.

The Long Layers Style

To have this hair style you need to grow your hair out. Once your hair is grown out the stylist will go through and cut the hair at various lengths to create a more natural and disheveled look. While being disheveled this hair style comes out great. Kendal Jenner and Kim Kardashian have both been seen with this hairstyle this summer.

Voluminous Pixie Cut

Everyone knows about the pixie cut but this summer people have been cutting their hair short in the style of Vanessa Hudgens. Just like the pixie cut all of your hair is kept short but more of it is kept to give it more volume. Texturizing gel or balm can be used to give more plump volume.

Dramatic Wavy Side-Part Bob

The bob can also be made stylish with the dramatic wavy side-part bob. The hair is cut to bob length and then one half of your hair is made wavy. The other half is straightened and tucked behind your ear. This creates a very interesting and rejuvenating look.

The Straight Lob

Jessica Alba has made the straight lob popular this year. Your hair is cut like the bob but instead of ending at your shoulder it continues down longer than your shoulders. It usually ends just at the chest. To finish it off your hair is straightened to make the straight lob.

Go ahead and mix it up this summer. Take on a hair style that makes you stand out and rejuvenates you. There are many options out there. These are just some of them. All of these hairstyles can be stylized to change the appearance.

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