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Recently in class we watched Frontline’s “The Persuaders.” The documentary was a very interesting view into the world of advertising and the reasoning behind it. The more I watched, the more I learned about how much thought goes into advertising.

Advertising in Culture

The Persuaders made me realize that the advertising in culture is taking over what is real and replacing it with a fake reality. Too many times things that are genuine in our culture are replaced with things that drive a void into us.

Our culture and art is being replaced with ads and brands. New York City has become a central hub of advertisements. Bright screens and posters cover the buildings and everywhere you look there is a brand that is being promoted.

Everywhere we look today there will be some sort of advertising. Even in TV shows have started promoting brands in subtle ways that can be subliminal.

Companies starting doing this after they realized people were able to skip over ads while watching Tivo. The technology world is making people more and more impatient so they are able to get back to their show immediately. We have become impatient people and companies are needing to adjust to how we receive things.

Christians in Advertising

Advertisements tell us we need a certain product to be happy and feel joy. Most times those products fail to fill that voids in our life and we are left wanting something else. We then proceed to go out find something else to replace that void.

Unfortunately, people do not always know that the void can only be filled with God. As Christians we should not advertise things to make us happy and fulfill all of our dreams. Instead we should promote things for their service and functionality.

The Persuaders was very eye opening to how Christians should be working in the advertisement industry. We should not be focusing on how this will make our lives better or easier. But instead should just be showcasing something in a way so it will not consume us.

Clothing Brands

Some clothing items are their own advertisements. Items of clothing for certain brands have their logo on it therefore making people walking advertisements. Some brands like that are:

  • Nike
  • Adidas
  • Hollister
  • North Face

These brands are examples of many brands that let people know what exactly someone is wearing.

One of the techniques used in The Persuaders, is to evoke emotion from consumers without actually talking about the product. The airline Song put out an advertisement that did not show anything typically related to an airline. Instead they use clips that portrayed a feeling they were trying to convey.

Dove did the same thing with their Real Beauty campaign. In this ad they evoke emotion from women everywhere without using products. They show that beauty is not always achieved with products.

I believe this is successful because it makes women feel that they are beautiful without tons of products. Dove shows that they are a brand that will help take care of natural beauty.

On my honor, I have watched The Persuaders in its entirety.

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