Why writing a book makes you a better person

An update on David vs Goliath

So, I’ve been devoting lots of time and energy into this book. As for a length update, I’m about 30 (book) pages in. The good thing is that I have no struggle with “coming up with ideas”. I also want to take this time to thank anyone and everyone for their kind words and motivation. You are my family.

Now I could leave this here and talk about the book itself, but that isn’t what I like to call, “insightful”. I want to discuss why writing a book, or putting a creation into the world makes you a better person. Look, we all hate judgement. It’s terrible, and it hurts a lot of people, but it’s good for one thing. It forces us to be better. Faced with the prospect of judgement, we always perform to our highest. Think about it, you make a rough draft “for your records”, but you always tidy it up before you release it to the public. It’s psychology. So, why does this apply to me? Why does it make me a better person? Simply put, this book is me.

When we put together a presentation, or an essay, we do a good job because we know people will see it, and what kind of idiot are we if it looks bad? But, it’s deeper than that. Yes, just like with my music, I am working diligently on making this as great as possible for me, but there’s something else.

I am forced to look at my very thoughts, opinions, and actions objectively.

Now that might sound weird. But look, it’s similar to the slogan,

If you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see it, don’t post it on social media.

I am literally detailing everything about myself in this book, I’m opening every can of beans I have, barring some things that aren’t really related. This forces me to look at how I think, not from my perspective, but from a potential reader’s perspective. So when I read what I write, I look at it as if someone else wrote it about themselves, and I do the thing I hate; I judge, but not for the reason you would think. I don’t judge to beat myself up. I judge to improve.

When I’m looking objectively at things I do, or how I think, I can say,

  • “I don’t like that. I should have…”
  • “Why do I think…”
  • “Seriously? What a child!”

So, I’m constantly improving myself by doing the thing I hate. By forcing myself to think as someone else, and analyze my thoughts, actions, and opinions, I can create a formula to a better me. Things such as:

  • When ____ happens, don’t ____.
  • If ______ does this, remember ____.
  • When I _____, don’t forget to _____.

I’m literally creating a better me at the same time I create a book that represents the me I’m making better. This book represents the “before” section of me. The person I am when the book is done is the “after”. And it’s likely that that will be a before to another after later on.

I’m so thankful you are on this journey with me, please feel free to connect with me on any of my social media.

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