Why have when you didn’t want

Neither men want it nor women want it. Then why do they have them. The children.

Men feel their life is finished. They can’t go anywhere. Their wives have resigned their lives to the little monster stuck to their chest through the day. Women feel men have squandered their affection and care which was otherwise reserved for them, to the children. Their own life is finished. They can’t be prim or impeccable as before. They can’t be carefree with life and sex as before.

They can’t enjoy things for themselves. Men feel women get distant because of kids. Women feel whatever was attainable of the man has dissolved in her kids. Then why do they have them?

Yes, yes.. for reproduction. To leave their progeny. To do our assigned task of filling this earth with mini humans.

But do all need to do this? Is it compelled upon them? Is it compelled upon them while they were still enjoying their lives as individuals or couples?

Were they not able to comprehend what they were getting into when they decided to start on this journey? Because there are still some people. Smart people who are not going for children. They know the reason and are happy with their decision.

Would they not be this happy, some 10 years hence. And would this current frustrated lot be happier then? Looking at precedent examples it seems not for the latter lot.