Top Car Accessories that Car Owners must have. | Carpathy — The Car Doctors!

Mr. Akshat Lavania, a car expert from, informs us that there are a few car accessories which you must have in your car for emergencies to help you come out from difficult situations. There are some car accessories which you need to have which make driving an easy & a pleasant experience. Let us take a look at few of these car accessories. Depending on your budget & needs, you can decide on buying few of these & upgrading yourself as well as your car.

1) Jump Starter, battery booster- Normally you cannot predict when will your car battery get drained. You accidentally left your headlight, car lights or any other car accessory on, which resulted in a total drainage of your battery. If you are stuck with a dead battery or your car refuses to start when you are in an isolated area at odd hours, having a self powered Jump Starter can help you start your car. A jump starter has USB ports, hence it can be used to charge your laptops, mobile or other portable devices as well.

2) Jumper cable- If your car refuses to start on a busy road, having a pair of jumper cables can help you come out of the fix straightaway. Normally car owners willingly help each other by allowing the one in need, to draw a bit of power from their car battery using jumper cables, to help the dead car get started.

3) Electric Car Tyre Air Pump Compressor Inflator & Tyre Puncture Kit — Sustaining the correct air pressure in car tyres is important for safety while driving. If you see that air pressure is less in one or more tyres the electric air pump can easily inflate the tyres within minutes. The puncture repair kit can be easily used to mend the punctures.

4) Hydraulic Car jack –Without lifting the car, tyres cannot be changed or punctures cannot be fixed. A hydraulic jack is used to lift a car. It is very easily available online, in garages or with car accessory dealers

5) Towing Rope & Cable — If your car tyre is stuck in a pit or in a muddy terrain or if you had a minor accident & your car is not getting started, a rope and cable emergency kit can help you & your car come out of that situation very easily. One end of the strong cable is tied to your car while the other end is fastened to the vehicle of the helpful Samaritan & your car is pulled to safety with you controlling the steering wheels.

6) Car duster or Cleaning cloth- It is used to clean up dirt/dust that accumulates on your car when it’s parked at a spot for some time.

7) Car cover — Car covers protect your car from dust, dirt, bird droppings etc. It also protects the colour of your car from getting faded quickly, in case you have to park it in the open under sunlight.

8) Seat covers & floor mats — Though nowadays cars come equipped with seat covers & floor mats, but you can opt for a more comfortable, luxurious, stylish 3D or 5D seat covers & floor mats.

9) GPS Navigators- It is quite possible that you might lose your way while driving through a labyrinth of lanes. A GPS tracker can help you to easily come back on track or reach the nearest possible highway/main road. From there on it will be probably much easier for you to resurrect, choose your path and reach your destination.

10) Car back seat organizer:- It holds your food packets, drinks, gadgets etc & helps you to de-clutter your backseat.

11) Air Freshener — If on stepping into your car a strong pungent smell of stinking socks or food hits you, which might have stayed on even after your friend who was wearing those stinking socks has left, you may not feel like sitting in your car, forget about driving it. Air freshener not only nullifies any offensive odour, but also fills your car with a pleasant aroma of your chosen taste.

12) Anti-glare :- Having an anti glare installed is highly recommended for car owners in India. A very high number of Indian drivers use high beam all the time. It is not only irritating but is also dangerous in case your eyes get blacked out for a few seconds due to high beam when you are driving with high speed. Anti glare will reduce the intensity & keep it more bearable.

13) Car Scratch Remover pen — Your brand new car can suddenly start looking old due to a few scratches right on it’s bonnet or door. A car scratch remover pen removes the scratches very easily. It is easy to use as you just have to apply, buff it in & wipe it. The scratch repair pen is water resistant as well as permanent.

14) Car headset hook:- The headrest of the front seat in your car can be turned into a storage space. Headset hooks can be attached to the headrests & then you can hang groceries, handbags, water bottles, etc.

15) USB Charger — It can be used to connect multiple gadgets like your phone, ipod, etc & get them charged using the car’s battery.

16) Hose pipe with spray gun:- This is a one time investment if you have time to clean your car & have arrangement of enough water supply. This hose pipe with spray gun nozzle delivers a high volume spray which washes away the dust and dirt to make your car sparkling clean in a few minutes. No need to pay for car wash every time.

17) Car Vacuum cleaner — It keeps the interiors of your car clean as it sucks on the dust, dirt, hair, etc. It can be connected to the charging point within the car & it’s long handle can be used to clean every corner of the car which is otherwise not possible to be cleaned manually.