Five Things to Learn From Uber’s Implosion
umair haque

“ refers to a Nietzschean pop philosophy where only the Ubermen, triumphantly expressing their will to power, deserve to live well. The rest? Well, they don’t deserve anything but what the Ubermen want.”

This is stupid, Umair. First of all, Nietzsche’s Overman was someone who had overcome limitations and who embraced a life of vitality without being afraid of what others may think. This was in contrast to what he saw around him, people living for soothing pleasure, avoiding the discomfort that comes with going against the crowd. Your description doesn’t apply.

Second, the word “uber” is now a slang word for “good” in American English, and THAT is where Uber got the name, not from reading Thus Spoke Zarathustra. And do you really think you can convince readers that Uber’s name is a sign of their will to oppress the downtrodden? It just makes it seem like you’ll try anything to see what sticks.

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