How to Clean Your Carpet Sustainably

It’s becoming easier to enjoy the benefits of making sustainable choices when it comes to flooring. If you are designing rooms with environment and human health in mind, sustainable carpets are a good choice. Nowadays, you can choose among many types and appearances and not compromise on look or functionality on behalf of sustainability. However, purchasing the sustainable carpet is not enough. You should look at the carpet from its lifetime perspective and not impair its good start by maintaining it badly — badly for you, the carpet and the environment. Take a sustainable approach to cleaning and maintain sustainability features of your carpet.

Carpet is the largest indoor surface used on a daily basis and is inclined to get dirty and worn. To retain its beauty and functionality, it’s essential to keep your carpet well maintained and cleaned all the time.

If you’ve invested into a sustainable carpet, you probably want to keep your carpet sustainable through its entire life. It would be a shame if you impaired the sustainability of your carpet by cleaning it without thinking about the environment. That could happen quickly, mostly because many cleaning products contain toxic chemicals, which are bad for the environment and for people. You could easily be tempted into unsustainable cleaning habits because those do not demand much from you. Even if you neglected the carpet, you can often find a magic powder to return the look of your carpet back to new. Unfortunately, the magic powder would probably also be toxic.

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