The origin of Persian Carpets goes back to sixteenth century and has a deep connection with the Iranian art and culture. It is one of the most oldest and popular form of carpet weaving that and came into prominence during the rule of the Mughal dynasty . Under the patronage of the Mughals, carpet weaving became a popular occupation. Indian craftsmen gradually adopted Persian techniques and designs later in the 17th century. These carpets flourished during the reigns of Akbar and Shahjahan. A lot of resemblance of the artwork of that period is seen on these Persian carpets.

About Persian Carpets

These carpets are aesthetically designed with a multiplicity of colors blended with the finest quality of artwork and materials with a surety to give you a long lasting feel and value for money. The Persian quality of carpets comes in variety of materials like hand spun pure wool, natural woolen yarn and real Silk is also used in making Persian carpets.

A variety of common motifs designs with a classic Persian style of fine knotting craftsmanship can be seen in these carpets. The designs of Islamic architecture and the depiction on these carpets attributes a lot to the Iranian art and culture. The Persian carpets are world famous for their distinctive designs and a royal touch of art gives your flooring and home the classy look .

With time these carpets have undergone a major transformation in their designs and patterns. Floral motifs, pretty painterly pattern, geometric pattern of animals and flowers are some of the widely in demand. Persian carpets are all hand — knotted .One rug can take months or even years to complete. The artwork done is unique, extremely beautiful and durable. Hand-knotted Persian carpets are a specialty which is hugely in demand.

Carpet Mantra brings to you an exotic range of Persian carpets online in India with a wide variety of designs and patterns in multiplicity of different sizes and pricing matching your requirement. They come in all types of colors of dark and light shades giving these carpets an instant royal touch and a vibrant contemporary look adding to the charm and liveliness of the interiors. Made up of top quality of silk and wool it is sure to give your foot a soft comfy feel and warmth. Easily washable, durable, resistant to fading, soiling, tear resistant and is easy to maintain.

Carpet Mantra, the one stop solution for all your carpet needs believes in delivering the best in quality to its customer, to help you make your home look stylish, elegant and classy. We have a range of traditional Persian carpets featured on our websites. You can get a closer look of the quality of the material of the displayed products on the website by zooming in the picture.

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