IOTA Argentina Community Cluster November Meetup review (HODL!)

Daniel De Michele opening the November IACC Metup

The importance of this Meetups

As always, we sort of sense our audience before we boot our Meetups. The idea is to get an overview of who you will be talking to and how much they know about IOTA and DLT’s in general.

Amongst the 25 assistants we had yesterday, there was a well known argentinian Ethereum developer, a BFA representative (BFA is the first POA Blockchain that provides services to private/public actors in Argentina) and even Evaldas Drasutis from IF (had we known he was in town we would had asked him to give a talk). The rest of the audicence came to learn what IOTA is about and how regulation of cryptoassets is being designed in Argentina.

Data and cryptoassets regulation in Argentina

Juan Quitegui (IACC) explaining how regulation is beign designed in Argentina

Juan Quitegui from the IACC gave a really interesting talk about how the argentinian government is thinking about cryptoassets and its regulation, also covering Data Protection and some GDPR basic aspects.

This is a key talk that arises lots of interest, mainly because the whole regulation is at a “we are trying to understand how this works to regulate it the right way”. Juan explained us the value that our data has and also covered new scenarios such as solar energy generation and exchange together with how this could be regulated by the Government.

IOTA and the Machine to Machine Economy

Claudio Martin (IACC) introduced M2M cases

The last talk given by Claudio Martin (IACC) left the attendees thinking a lot about the future. He analyzed how the M2M economy could operate, focusing in the mobility and green energy sectors. The IOTA protocol would, of course, be the transport layer for the generated data (MAM) and the payments when this information had some value to anyone.

Final considerations: HODL!

The guys!

This Meetup had a new format: it was more of a debate rather than a series of talks. One of the topics discussed was the poor correlation between all the things being done by the IF and the token price.

As we reviewed the history of Bitcoin price and the lack of connection between its technical evolution and price increase, the conclusion was that the IOTA Foundation is learning/building up as it walks towards the creation of a distributed, feeless protocol for the IoT.

Despite how bad we want things done, some steps such as removing the Coordinator require lots of research and the last thing you want is the IF pushing that to mainnet before everything is tested enough.

Daniel De Michele (Carpincho Dem)

Written by

Full Stack Web Developer, Buenos Aires IOTA Regional Community Leader, IEN Member and IOTA Hispano Head of contents.

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