Maybe I’m missing something? Perhaps I’m a racist and don’t even know it. Could that be?
John Belville

No sir your no a racist, your biased. This is very different! You can’t see the difference in his home because you did not stop to look and/or understand. If his family is African American then his family has struggled like your your family has never struggled. Before anyone says we all have out cross bear or any bullshit like that STOP! Just listen when you walk into my home you will see a picture of my grandmother almost everyone has a picture of Grandma, right. When you think of your grandmother what is her story? Is is a young child in eight grade that left home because she did not want to work in cotton fields. Picking cotton from sun up to sun down! She wanted to go to school so she walked from North Carolina to Ohio! Yes she WALKED! What where you doing in eight graded? I was playing with my Commodore Vic-20 the my Grandmother bought me! She made sure that I never forget how important education was for our people and that technology was the key to financial freedom!

Every day we are reminded when we wake up, when we turn on the TV, when we walk outside our homes how much we have to work harder. Because we have no value in our society it is shown in Media, In our Textbooks, in out daily conversations with coworkers, how each black person is to represent our race!

Tell me when you wake up and get ready for work do you think about that stress?