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I’d be curious to see how the public opinion ranking compares to this list. I’m okay with these 60 movies but disagree with how they are ranked. It looks like you might have some construct validity problems — why is cultural revelance a part of your formula? Many of the greatest terrible movies are didn’t have commercial or critical success. Troll 2 was a pretty obscure movie before Best Worst Movie came out. Using cultural relevance might explain why so many action movies with large budgets ended up at the top of this list. A big budget does not a great terrible movie make, just ask Ed Wood. Another problem I had with your formula was the use of Rotten Tomatoes score as a proxy for critical response. Rotten Tomatoes treats a critic’s response as a binary (good/bad) variable. What gets lost is degree of praise or dislike. So a divisive movie like The Room (really, Kurt Loder?) gets a similar score to something mildly disappointing like the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I don’t know how you solve this problem (maybe compile a corpus of negative movie reviews and design an algorithm that searches them for extreme language), but it’s a real issue. Finally, I don’t get why you’re dividing cultural revelance by RT score and then multiplying that by public opinion. Plus, the scales for each of these criteria seem arbitrary. If otherwise the same, the movie ranked #1 on public opinion score that’s 16% on RT would get the same overall score as the 48th ranked movie with 4% on RT. Am I taking this article too seriously?

Anyway — here are a few specific gripes:

  1. The Room belongs at least in the top 5 of this list. In fact, one way to fix your formula would be to tweak it until it puts The Room at the top of the list. I’d argue that the most important thing about a good bad movie is that it causes the viewer to break into hysterics several times over the course of viewing. By this standard, The Room is the greatest film ever made. We all know this. It’s a neo-surrealist masterpiece.
  2. Nicolas Cage should be all over this list. It should be littered with Cage. No single figure is more important to the Good/Bad movie genre than Nic Cage. He is to this list what Bob Dylan would be to a greatest album list. Movies like Vampire’s Kiss, Deadfall, Zandalee, and Next should make appearances here.
  3. Here are some unheralded personal favorites that people should check out — Beyond the Sea, Cool as Ice, Mac N Me, Freddy Got Fingered(I’m sorry).
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