What are some ways to make Chicken with Mushrooms?

Chicken with Mushrooms is an amazing delicacy that can be enjoyed at a good Chinese restaurant in Singapore. This is a dish that is available at the restaurants serving cuisines from other parts of the world too and is quite popular among the foodies. If you forget to order this dish when you visit the best bar and restaurant in Singapore, it would indeed be a great miss. The dish can also be prepared at home with ease if you have the right set of ingredients.

You need 3cups sliced mushrooms, 4 skinless chicken breasts cut into halves, 2 eggs, 1 cup bread crumbs, 2 tbsp butter, 6 ounces mozzarella cheese, and a cup of chicken broth to prepare this delicacy. You should start off the cooking process by preheating the oven to about 175degree C. Take a portion of mushrooms and place it in a pan. Beat the eggs and dip the chicken in it. Now roll the chicken in bread crumbs. Take a skillet and melt the butter over medium flame. Place the chicken in the skillet and cook it just until each side turns brown. Now place the chicken on the mushrooms and add the remaining mushrooms as well. Add the mozzarella chicken over the mushrooms and also the chicken broth. Now place this in the oven and cook for about 30 minutes. The dish will be ready to be served when the chicken is cooked well along with the mushrooms. The dish would be crispy and scrumptious due to the rich combination of chicken and mushrooms.

This is a dish that can be prepared easily when you want to enjoy a special dinner with your friends at home or want to celebrate a little moment of happiness with your dear ones. When you visit an eatery that provides a nice ambience for dinner in Singapore, ordering the chicken and mushrooms delicacy will gift you with a wonderful dining experience.


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