If you love to travel you should not leave USA unvisited. USA or United States of America is actually a land having big 50 states in its boundary line. It consists of 3.8 million square miles as its area. It has a number of cities and spots you must visit when you go to USA.

When you go to visit USA keep in mind that you are visiting 3rd or 4th largest country if the world. If you have time to visit only 10 cities from the 50 states of USA you should go for these cities. Remember this ranking is done on the basis of cultural beauty of the cities all around in Unites States of America.

  • Chicago

So much peaceful and so much beautiful city is Chicago. You must go there as early as you can. Visit Millennium Park, Wrigley Field, 360 Chicago and hmmmm don’t forget to visit the second city there. The field museum, Garfield Park Conservatory and Lincoln Park Zoo are other most beautiful things about this beautiful and amazing city of United States of America.

  • Napa CA

When thinking about Napa CA first thing which comes into our mind is Napa Valley. It is the most beautiful thing you can see in the Napa CA. you can enjoy their train, and visit CIA St. Helena campus and most memorable for me was to see Robert Mondovi Barrel room. Don’t wait more and just visit the 9th most beautiful city of United States of America.

  • Monterey CA

Starting from 17 miles drive you can enjoy a lot of things in this beautiful city of United States of America. Monterey Bay Aquarium, Camel by the Sea, Pebble Beach golf links and point Lobos Stats Natural Reserve make the city Monterey CA 8th Most beautiful city of United States of America.

  • Charleston SC

Charleston is another attraction of United States of America. It has attractions like luxurious lodging, libations, beaches, beautiful shopping points, golfing spots like Kiawah Island, and central Park etc. these attractions make the city Charleston SC USA’s 7th beautiful city.

  • Honolulu HI

On south of Honolulu HI: we can see beaches while on its north there are rugged green cliffs to the south of the island of Oahu. Other than this it also has some other beautiful scenery like Hanauma Bay, Honolulu Chinatown, Diamond Head, Ocean Sports, and Honolulu zoo, Lolani Palace, Manoa Falls, Waikiki, Local Hawaii Food and most beautiful Pearl Harbor.

  • Maui HI

Again, like San Diego CA it has beaches as one of its beautiful and attractive sceneries which are famous all around the work. Other than these beaches volcano of Haleakala, Lao State valley park, Old Lahaina luau. After these last but not the least Maui Ocean center is another attraction which make it 5th beautiful cultural city.

  • Boston MA

It is one of most beautiful cities of the United States of America due to following tourists’ attractions and beauties of this city. Freedom trail, Faneuil hall marketplace, Fenway Park, Cambridge and Cheers are most beautiful and attractive aspects of this city. These are also those major things which make it 4th most beautiful city of USA.

  • Santa Barbara CA

Whenever I recall the name of this city beautiful things about this city come into our mind. These are the Santa Barbara Botanic garden, grainy Vineyard, Santa Barbra Scenic drive, Stearns Wharf etc. other than this you must visit Shoreline Park which is engraved with family friendly features. Its location along coastal bluff makes it more beautiful and attractive.

  • Seattle WA

Space needle is the real beauty of this city. It makes the most amazing, unique and worth seeing skyline in the country and broadly speaking in all over the world as well. The city located in Washington has a lot of beauties engraved in its land and boundaries.

  • San Diego and San Francisco CA

I could not decide between San Diego CA and San Francisco Ca so kept them both at the first place in United States of America.

Sports and games are at best now days to represent the culture of any country outside the boundary line of the country. For this purpose San Francisco has been placed at first in the most beautiful cities of United States of America. It is because this city is most beautiful in the terms of entertainment and sports beauty.

San Diego is also beautiful at number one in the rank but reason of the world famous beauty is different. It is known for the beautiful beaches it has in its land. It is also ranked in the list of most beautiful tourists attractions in America.

Done!!!! We have proposed you these ten beatiful tourism attractions in USA. Now, you can also propose your favorites cities in USA by using the comments below. Find on this website car rental deals in USA.

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