10 Things To See at Walt Disney Park

A visit to a Disney park is something that everyone remembers forever. It is always a trip to be remembered by the whole family. This is why many people plan to visit one of the different Disney parks around the world, at least once in their lifetime. But since there are a lot of things to see and do, the trip can be a bit overwhelming. If you haven’t been to any Disney park before then you might want to read this article as we talk about the 10 must-see things at Disney Park.

How to get to Disney World in Orlando?

If you are planning to visit Walt Disney World Park, the best option to fly is Orlando International Airport; it’s 20 miles from the Resort, and the Park offers shuttle service from there to Disney World to passengers of several airlines. One of the best options to get to Disney World from the Orlando International Airport is via Disney’s Magical Express, that is a complimentary roundtrip service that whisks you and your luggage between Orlando International Airport and select Disney Resort hotels via a deluxe motorcoach.
Other cheap option if you like to drive is to rent a car at Orlando Airport. As in all US airports is very easy to find car rental deals at Orlando Airport and you can feel free to get to the park without schedules and in your own, and visiting any other places in Orlando city.

Let’s start to view things…

Visit the Magic Kingdom

A Disney park is the place where all your dreams will come true and this is chance to experience a great deal of the magic. You will not see any fireworks but these are THE FIREWORKS that would take you by the utmost surprise. Whether you are going alone or with your kids your heart would jump at the magnificent scene.

Visit the Animal Kingdom

Are you in the mood for some adventure? Head to the Animal Kingdom and see some of the most exotic African animals. You will learn a lot about the most exotic part of the world and you can also enjoy a safari.

Living with the Land:

You can take a boat ride through the green house and see how we can make our world a better place. This is somehow a bit educational but this doesn’t mean that it is less fun. You will learn about different ways to grow crops in order to feed more people in the world.

Go on Spaceship Earth

Disney is the place where the dreams come true and if you have ever dreamt about joining NASA then this is your chance to realize your dreams. Everybody wants to be a space explorer and this is your chance. This never gets old and you never get too old to try it. The more you ride this, the more you will love it.

Look for bones

This is so much fun as kids slide down 2 big slides to land in a large pool of sand. But don’t worry this is just crushed pebbles so no clothes will get dirty. Your children will get to dig in the sand for the most exceptional dinosaur bones. It is a chance to find the little explorer in them.

Watch a show

Of course there are a lot of shows available but the most amazing one of them is Fantasmic. This wonderful show might not be suitable for real young children because it is a little bit intense. It involves fireworks, dances, characters and there is a lot of water play. The show involves some fights between the evil and the good characters of Disney with screens that show clips against the water. Some people prefer to book a table to dine in while watching the show which is a big plus.

Visit the Pirates of the Caribbean set

We all love water and boats but this tour is a lot than just a boat ride. This set is inspired by a successful movie that was appraised by fans all over the world. You can go on a tour on the Pirates of the Caribbean tour and enjoy the presence of Captain Jack Sparrow and his friends. This lovable character will be around for double the fun.

Go to the Tower of Terror

This is not something for the faint hearts or for very young children. You can go on the haunted elevator ride and you will definitely have a time to remember.

Have a Peter Pan ride

If you are an adult then you will definitely enjoy the feeling of Nostalgia this ride brings and kids will of course love going up in the sky.

Watch a stunt show

If you haven’t been to one then you definitely should. It is a chance to watch the dangerous and thrilling car stunts that keep our hands clenched to our seats when we watch this kind of action on the screen.

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